Artist Trio at Osaka Exhibition

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

Remarkable artworks of country’s three prominent artists, Jamal Ahmed, Mohammed Iqbal and Mustapha Khalid Palash made their way to showcase in a group exhibition titled AKA DOT at Holbein Gallery situated in Osaka, Japan, held last month from June 10 until June 15. The artists’ works were much appreciated and admired by the Japanese connoisseurs.

The three artists have their distinctive differences in the artistic styles of expressions, however, intertwined to some extent and quite contemporary in nature. All the artists had their training in Japan; Jamal Ahmed and Mohammed Iqbal in Fine arts and Mustapha Khalid Palash in Architecture.

The Ekushey Padak winner Jamal Ahmed artworks regard living beings as the most important aspects of nature. His prime concerns have been transparent beauty of nature, bliss, longing, pain and yearning. Through the years, he has proved himself as a master artist in creating visual impacts with his simple empathetic subjects.

Mohammed Iqbal is one of the highly enlightened artists of recent times. His artworks depict facial expressions, especially children, which is his prime interest. The faces are drawn from his imagination and recollection of the past which reflects his thoughts and viewpoint on different phenomena of life.

Leading contemporary architect, Mustapha Khalid Palash, beyond his architectural practice, loves to paint, write, play the sitar and practice Rabindra Sangeet. Palash’s creativity was encouraged from a young age, and this experience is evident in his artistic creations. He incorporates bold and wide strokes, vibrant colours and pure forms.

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