Promising Food Bloggers Join Showcase Magazine

Showcase Magazine announces collaboration with some young and enthusiastic food bloggers to bring about a change in both the world of food blogging and restaurant reviews. Showcase Magazine aims to extend its audience and enrich the food blogging culture in Bangladesh with the collaboration.

The food bloggers have been involved in the blogging industry, boasting remarkable media presence in Facebook, Instagram and other social media platforms, where they practice food blogging. The collaborative engagement will range from creating tailor-made digital campaigns with contents, reviews, videos and other promotional activities. The bloggers will focus on the exclusive magazine segment ‘Heaven on a Plate’, a feature dedicated to the coverage of trending restaurants in Bangladesh. Let us get acquainted with the individuals teaming up in this exciting venture.

1. Nowsin Khan Prova (Instagram: provaeats)

Nowsin Khan Prova


2. Mahabub Hossain Joy (Instagram: bespokefoodye) (Facebook : Bespokefoodye)

Mahabub Hossain Joy


3. Rabika Rahman Sneha (Instagram: _adorefood_) (Facebook : Adorefood)

Rabika Rahman Sneha


4. Farhina Tahrim Hasan (Instagram: tahrimeats) (Facebook : Tahrim Eats)

Farhina Tahrim Hasan


5. Ayesha Arobee (Instagram: foodstagram_bangladesh)

Ayesha Arobee


Pictures from the signing of the MOU between Showcase magazine & Food Bloggers


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