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With minimal interventions, clean and connected work environment, the office SureCash Progoti Systems designed by architecture firm Alter Architects And Associates takes over three floors of a commercial building located in Kemal Atartuk Avenue, Banani. The design of the office is developed around the idea of incorporating private and communal areas that encourage communication amongst employees and the easy exchange of ideas.

The office is based on an open-plan concept, occupying approximately 1500sqm divided into three floors. The spatial design of the office is flexible enough for a potential redefinition of the use for the different sections of the company SureCash Progoti Systems.

Workstations are distributed across sectors and designed to maximize the functionality of the space. Other program features glass-enclosed conference rooms of various sizes for meetings in a wider and smaller group as well as a more informal work area and break-out areas have been profoundly designed into the corners with lounge chairs suited for a quick chat, a phone call, or a casual meeting.

Various seating poufs and cushioned benches have also been dotted throughout so that employees can form impromptu casual work areas. “Surroundings change the way one feels, therefore, we wanted to create a selection of areas with cozy and convenient spaces so individuals can choose to work where they feel most comfortable, and it’s fascinating to see where different people choose to go when they want a place to work away from their desks”, says architect Md. Rakibul Hasan, Principal Architect of Alter Architects And Associates.

The cream of the crop among common areas that have become favourite places to spend time in is the ‘fun zone’.

It is the place where, in addition to having a casual exchange, employees can make some noise and let off steam while playing table-tennis or can indulge themselves in the play station.

This interactive approach has allowed creating an office that supports relationship building and provides space for uninterrupted work.

Furthermore, the new space supports competencies and learning processes, and facilitates the completion of tasks, by providing areas of a different character. All solutions have been adapted to the style of work of individual teams.

Preserving as much of the originality of the materials as possible, the designers juxtaposed metalwork and exposed concrete ceilings. The interior puts aside all the unnecessary decorations to represent the most authentic characteristics of the materials.

A neutral colour palette is adopted consisting of the grey concrete in the structures, white paint in the masonry and black metal accent. Amid this palette, the project highlights two main colours – blue and yellow in the respective floors emphasizing the ethos of the association.

The facades are used delicately, with light-filled doodle artwork, while with the coloured seating volumes and neon pieces and tree-pots create impressive spatial compositions. From the designer team, Abdul Guffar Babu and Shaikul Islam Sakur, the ultimate goal was to create a comfortable and functional setting, giving a minimal, sleek and modern look.

Throughout the space, natural materials and an array of flexible and operable objects allow for a light and playful interior.

The flexible space allows for a continuous ebb and flow of activity throughout the day with the only fixed element being the central workstation, a combined meeting and reception that act as a fulcrum for the diversity around it.

A continuous flow of dynamic overhead lights ensures maximum comfort and a pleasant aesthetic, while the high ceiling and large transparent glass façade allow natural light to the core of the office space that undergoes constant changes as light reflections alter over the course of the day.

The office design uses elements like lighting, ventilation, textures, colours, and shapes to compose an environment that promotes interaction and contributes to the team’s effort.

The office SureCash Progoti Systems is indeed a combination of brilliant functionality and modern eclectic style.

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