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Rustic Recollection

A petite cafe located in Satmasjid Road, Memory Cafe brings modernism and rustic aesthetic come together in harmony. It is owned by Nusrat Hossain Mishu and the architect behind this wonderful place was Rashid Mahim, the Principal Architect of AMUR. Memory cafe was built with the hopes of creating memories with your loved ones and friends, accompanied by honest and hearty cooking.

Using raw materials collected from nature and even recycled materials is what creates a lively environment inside the joint. To produce oxygen in this concrete jungle, the trunks of gorjan trees and even money plants are used to decorate the entire interior of the cafe. Glass windows that allow you to peek through the tree branches gives a view of the outside world from this little forest you’re in. The brown coffee tables and chairs really complement the trees and augment the concept of a rustic and nature oriented ambience.

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