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A Blend of Nature- Raindrop Garden Café – Heaven on a Plate

Written by Fatematuzzohra Suha

The essence of Modern Dhaka has summed up to the basics of indoor, concrete and artificial. Whatever may the reason be, it has almost become impossible to find a place close to nature to enjoy some time with the loved ones. To reverse this concept, Raindrop Garden Café came up with an idea to set up an eatery under the bare sky. Situated at Purbachal 300 ft, away from the chaos of the metro city, Raindrop Garden café is a breath of fresh air from the conventional concept of restaurants.

The structure leaves a sense of serenity as soon as you enter. The accessories are kept minimal so that the main attraction remains on the calmness of the restaurant. A vibrant white metal swing as statement stands out in simple wooden furnishing. The inspiration of the restaurant is portrayed by its excellence coming about fundamentally from the splendid assorted variety of attractions that exist in different pieces of the premises.
The place and its simplicity will remind you time and again that less is more. Wooden chairs and tables, rustic earthy decorations make the place simple yet elegant to encounter. The rest is just green and green as far as you can investigate the oblivion.

You can enjoy a solid sunset sitting on the benches and enjoy good food at the same time. Raindrop Garden Café serves a special variety of excellent Thai, Indian Continental food. Every single dish is exceptionally mouthwatering. They also have a few specialities in their menu including some refreshing drinks considered a must-try for anyone visiting the venue.
As the daylight ends, the place gleams up with soothing warm lighting making the ambience luminous with 100s of fairy lights.

It is as if you are truly sitting in a garden and enjoying your meal as you would wish for it to happen every day. Every one of the highlights stands out to make the entire place aesthetically pleasing, and the extraordinary decent variety gave this wide space the look of tranquillity, quietness, and peacefulness. So, the next time you look for a get a little far from the metro city, you should try visiting Raindrop Garden Café for an indelicate experience.

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