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Illustration of the Cosmos- Bangabandhu Sheikh Mujibur Rahman Novo Theater – Student Thesis

Due to the development of technology discoveries are being made at an increasing rate. Among them, space science plays a very significant role in our lives as well as we apply it for various purposes like communication, weather forecast, disaster management, information technology, global positioning, etc. Realizing the necessity for space science, Bangladesh government has taken steps to build such structures that may provide this generation with the information about the space and to achieve the purpose of “Digital Bangladesh” by the year of 2021. As a result for which, the need to establish a planetarium as well as space science learning center on the core of Khulna city.

The location of the project is near Khulna university campus, beside Khulna city bypass road. After studying the context it is found that there is no other space science center there, and people around there basically enjoy their leisure by spending time in open spaces, close to nature. So it was a challenge to design such a structure which will be a landmark for the city, as well as inviting to nature that may attract visitors to come over, enjoy the place and learn throughout the journey. The project is proposed by Shahrin Sultana Sinthia, a student of Ahsanullah University of Science & Technology (AUST). Her studio guide teachers had been Dr. Jasmin Ara Begum, Ar. Nujaba Binte Kabir, Ar. Ayasha Siddiqua and her advisor was Ar. Maisha Durdana Mogna.

The concept of the project is ‘’ learning from curiosity ‘’, the target was to let people walk through the project, let them go with the flow. To invite them and attract them with an unusual view that may create question and then let them have a journey. Creating open spaces for gathering, outdoor activities, so that visitors may not only be confined within the building. A strong relationship between the building-visitors-open spaces may create. So even if anyone does not intend to visit inside of the building may come around the open space, the cafe or the landscape just to enjoy his leisure time.

To merge with the purpose of the project, the concept of the form was developed from the reflection of the universe. The concept was ‘’ illustration of the cosmos’’. Scientifically the big bang explosion was the reason for the creation of the universe. After that moment the basic elements of the universe as planets, space, motion, gravitation force, the tendency of spreading was created. So the designer symbolized the form to illustrate the basis of the cosmos. Such as the main functions represent planets, the curve lines and textures of landscape represent the motion which divides the spaces, and finally the lobby roof to connect which represents gravity.

The main sphere is the highlighted part of the project. The curvilinear pedestrian leads the visitor smoothly direct to the main lobby. The lobby symbolizes the forest surrounded by trees and lights coming from the sky. The interplay of light and shadow made the place spiritual, a place that creates calmness of mind. The connection of the space theatre from the lobby is made by a glass bridge which gives the feeling to the visitors that they are entering the gigantic source of knowledge. The clear glass bridge confirms that this path will lead to having a clear idea about astronomy. The museum contains various exhibits which allow visitors to know from past till present.

Shahrin Sultana Sinthia

The core concept of the project was to design a space full of curiosity, a space which will remind everyone their root, a space to gather knowledge with entertainment, a space to visit and sit down and think what we have learned and how to learn more.

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