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Many artists have their creative epiphany when they feel the urge to create something impactful that carries a strong message. For young sculptor Anisul Haque, this happened rather naturally, when he took porcelain into his hands for the first time. Reflective of the contemporary issues, his artworks depict the unfortunate aspects of humanity. Anisul’s attempt to show the truth from an unusual perspective is evident in these powerful and thought-provoking sculpture pieces.

Anisul Haque was born in 1992 at Dinajpur district. Since childhood, he dreamed of establishing his identity as an artist by acquiring vast knowledge in Fine Arts. He completed his BFA and MFA during 2010-2016 from the Department of Ceramic from University of Dhaka. Later, he moved to China to complete his 2nd Masters at Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing, China 2020. Throughout his educational period, he had been working as an art practitioner. Defining his theme of work he says, “In the past few years, during my free time, I would find myself completely dwelling on the current news from all over the world. All-day long, I would watch and listen to stories of violence, hatred, and war, which pushed me to try to create something that could hopefully make a difference and contribute to the message of world peace. That’s the reason why I create my artwork about the unfortunate aspects of humanity.”

Anisul chose ceramic as his primary medium as he believes it’s the medium that expresses his thoughts best. “I don’t think any other material has such a natural relation with humans like the clay in arts”, he expresses. He combines ceramic works with clothes which provides a different texture on the sculpture. The distressed cloth texture is expressed by exploring the emotional factors of the world today, such as racism, third-world country oppression, feminism among many others. The purpose of Anisul’s creation is to awaken mankind against the injustice of the world. “It doesn’t matter what religion we believe or what country we are from, we have only one identity- we are human beings. I promise myself that I will passionately continue my artwork on this theme with the hope of a peaceful world and cultural society where common people can enjoy their lives”, he says.

In January 2019, Anisul had his first Solo Exhibition entitled “Unfortunately Aspect of Humanity” in School of Design Art Gallery, Nanjing University of Arts, Nanjing, China. In December 2019 to January 2020, he had his 2nd solo exhibition entitled “scene” in X space art gallery, Guyiliang, Nanjing, China. Moreover, has taken part in more than 10 national exhibitions and achieved multiple honourable accolades during his art practising period.

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