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Peek into Liza’s Brushes

The self-taught artist Liza Hasan prefers watercolour over anything else. Her subject usually includes questioning and teasing social norms, feminism and identity. She paints a lot of portraits but recently during this quarantine, she began a series called the fairy tale collection. It is a number of images depicting fantastic fictional characters from childhood memories.

Liza did her masters in business administration from IUB and joined her family business but after a while, she left it to pursue art and have been doing this ever since. She began painting ten years ago when she just started for her masters. “I remember I didn’t pay much attention in classes; mostly because I wondered what to paint next and couldn’t wait long to go back home and get to my watercolours”, says Liza. “At the beginning, I saw one video of an Italian watercolour artist Agnes Cecile, and it was a mesmerizing watch. I tried watching all her videos and following her process, pretty soon I found my own style, but recently, I am exploring artworks by Kerby Rosanes, Kellogsloops, Marija Tiurina and so many more”, continues Liza.

The artist often goes through ‘artist block’ and sometimes overcoming from it becomes a bit tough. Watching movies and reading books help her with creative thinking and at some point, she ends up with more ideas than she can handle. Quarantine has been tough for everyone. For her, during this quarantine days, she used her time learning something new. She spent a lot on gardening, learning to illustrate on screen and baking. Baking to a point that she thinks her daughter and herself are stuffed with cookies, cakes and pie, and are not done with it yet.

For the young artist, Liza advises them to create something every day. “It doesn’t matter if it’s good or bad, just create. Never compare your work with other artists. If you want to measure your progress compare your most recent artwork with the first. It helps to show you how far you have come’, says Liza. “If you are going through an artists’ block, stop doing art for a while, instead, watch a movie, go to the roof find a good book and curl up. The right idea will come to you. Lastly, patience is the key. ”

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