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Exhibiting Verisimilitude

The insightful artist, intrinsically motivated by sheer grit, Nuzhat Shama sheds a different light on the thought process behind her art. Her richness and depth of understanding in art and culture, makes her work stand out from the rest. Her rebellion in challenging the systematic art at an early age resulted in profound work of art at present.

Nuzhat stepped into the art world from an eminently early age. With successful completion of each work, she emerged more into her passion. Her work involves Realism, Surrealism and Hyperrealism.

“Hyperrealism upholds textures and finishes often unnoticed by the eye, and details – which are generally more lucid than the original reference – which bring in the aspect of Surrealism. It is only an illusion of the real,” expressed Nuzhat.

Generally, it takes her 4-6 weeks to complete a piece and the preferred mode of drawing is graphite, water color and acrylic paint. From middle school, Nuzhat started drawing portraits and gradually refined her work to realistically blended pencil work.

She explores themes which propel the depths of human psychology, emotions, femininity, feminism, and stories of the women of Bengal. Fascinated by micro details of the skin, pores, hair strands and textures of the human form, Nuzhat incorporates these sentiment into her art to create the bold artworks. Hence, she resonates most with Jono Dry. The surreal and hyperreal nature of his work both inspire and awe her.

Her inspiration lies in the ‘details’, the appetency is an amalgamation of a multitude of thoughts, observations and explorations. “Over the years, when I became increasingly aware of my acute sense for detail and the human anatomy, I knew my soul had a penchant for hyperrealism,” stated Nuzhat. For Nuzhat art is the daily dose of therapy she needs, hence, artist block is barley ever an issue.

One of her significant works

‘Vermilion Horizons’ features a Bengali woman wistfully staring into the distance of golden days gone by.

Nuzhat Shama

The fierce red bindi, epitomizing quintessential Bengali. Nuzhat treasures the work greatly as it clasps an essence of the culture during Bengal Renaissance, an era that substantially inspires her.

In time to come, Nuzhat Shama hopes to attain growth by exploring contemporary concepts, stories and compositions; have enhanced understanding of Bengali society, history, and culture. As a student of architecture, and having a career in the same field, she hopes to integrate the fields of Design and Fine Arts someday.

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