Bengal Shilpalay Hosted Bengal Stream: The Vibrant Architecture Scene of Bangladesh

Bengal Shilpalay Hosted Bengal Stream: The Vibrant Architecture Scene of Bangladesh. The exhibition was launched on December 9, at Bengal Shilpalay in Dhanmondi. Mr. M.A Mannan, Honorable Minister of Planning, Government of Bangladesh inaugurated the exhibition as the Chief Guest. Ms. Nathalie Chuard, Ambassador of Switzerland to Bangladesh and Honorable Member of Parliament, Mr. Asaduzzaman Noor, were also present as Special Guests at the event. The exhibition is open to all till January 9, between 4 pm and 8 pm.

The exhibition is coordinated by three architects: lead curator Niklaus Graber, Andreas Ruby, and Viviane Ehrensberger. The exhibition “Bengal Stream: The Vibrant Architecture Scene of Bangladesh” documents and celebrates the dynamism and innovation of contemporary architecture in Bangladesh. It was created by the Swiss Architecture Museum in Basel, Switzerland, and the Bengal Institute for Architecture, Landscapes and Settlements in Dhaka. After a successful tour in Europe, the exhibition now comes to Dhaka. Throughout Bangladesh’s tumultuous history, different religious or social/cultural changes have led to different architectural styles that reflect the country’s rich culture. More than 60 projects by well-known and emerging Bangladeshi architects are on display in the exhibition “Bengal Stream.” Iwan Baan, who is one of the most well-known architectural photographers in the world, was hired to take pictures of the changes.

Through a remarkable fusion of contrasts and creative diversity, Bangladesh has made a significant contribution to the world of architecture. The line between land and water is not the only thing that is hazy in the coastal region, where the past and present are continually being created and presented in new ways. The morphology of the land is a persistent participant in this occurrence.

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