Mong Mong Sho’s ‘Songs of Fishermen’ Under Way at EMK Center

Mong Mong Sho’s exhibition, “Songs of Fishermen” is currently taking place at EMK Center in the capital. Mong Mong Sho hails from the ethnic group Rakhine in Maheshkhali. His early life was spent amid a stunning landscape and the whimsical force that is the sea, as well as the everyday life and struggle of fishermen. All these left a lasting impression on his mind. “I remember the very first picture I had drawn was that of a boat,” Mong Mong Sho disclosed in his correspondence to Showcase magazine. His journey as an artist took him far and wide. In 2009, Mong Mong Sho got admitted to the Academy of Fine Arts of Chittagong University, Bangladesh. In 2012, he received a scholarship from the Yunnan provincial government to study in China and later he had completed his Master’s degree in watercolour and a Bachelor’s degree in oil painting from the Academy of Fine Arts of Yunnan Arts University.

In celebration of EMK Center’s 9th founding anniversary, Mong Mong Sho picked 53 portraits from the earlier exhibition and a few drawings. This time, it was focused on their looks and expressions, their skin darkened due to saltwater and the salt in the air, and their meek and warm expressions despite their strong bodies. The exhibition will conclude on October 15. Read in detail about Mong Mong Sho’s life and work at: Click here

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