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A Blend of Mughal Architecture and Modern Aesthetics

Text by Samira Ahsan

Zubaida Faiza Clothing is a designer boutique in the heart of Banani, embracing Mughal traditions with a touch of modern décor. From finely crafted arched entrances to elaborate decorations and detailed wall moldings, every zone of this boutique is an enchanting space waiting to be unfolded. The lead architects behind this interior design project are the co-founders of Thinkspace Interior Design, Shaharia Reta and Lava Biswas Nandini, with supporting junior architect Tasnim Nuzhat Rifa.

With the eventful location of the site and the needs of the clients in mind, they began the process of furnishing the boutique with the concept of creating an opulent visual treat of Mughal architecture blended with modern aesthetics. The idea was to create an interior space with Mughal antecedents but with a more contemporary approach and customized touch. The functional zoning of the boutique and the floor arrangement were completed by considering both practical planning and aesthetically pleasing design components.

The pointed Mughal arches serve as the primary architectural element throughout the area, as one can notice their incorporation in exterior and interior openings, wall moldings, and backdrops.

The designers divided the area into four zones based on the needs of the clients: formals, semi-formals, bridals, and accessories.

A subtle color palette of earthy hues like sage and beige creates a delicate and luxurious environment accented by pops of gold. The design aesthetic of the bridal section was lifted with a mix of tropical and whimsical printed wallpaper designed by the Thinkspace team and used in the recessed wall, which acted as a backdrop for bridal wear. Featuring a wall filled with arched-shaped shelving enhanced by golden pendant lights, the reception backdrop is the most fascinating and attention-grabbing of all spaces.

Zubaida Faiza Clothing mainly launches its collection in three distinct lines: bridal, semi-bridal, and luxury pret. Moreover, they have a sub-brand called ‘Nazaqat’ that produces accessories such as ‘potlis’ (luxurious purses) that can be purchased off the reception shelf as well as customized. The brand stands out for its high level of customization and inclusivity, which includes children and people of all shapes and sizes. They are also known for making fun twinning sets for mothers and daughter and dabble in maternity wear as well.

The construction of Zubaida Faiza specifically started at the end of January 2022 and took almost one and a half months to finish. When discussing the challenges and constraints that come with interior design, one of the designers, Shaharia Reta, stated, “No project can be fun to construct if there is no challenge, and this one is no different from it. We faced challenges mostly while working on the air conditioning part. There were so many restrictions from landowners regarding setting up the outdoor device of the air conditioner and also breaking walls as the full building was made of 10-inch-thick brick walls and the structure is quite old, the column was almost leveled up with walls, which made it really difficult to demolish a few walls. But we somehow managed to make it happen and went through so many hassles. The rest is history.”

The interior décor of the boutique commands a subtle splendor. Each room has traces of Mughal architecture. The colors and wall moldings surely help bring out the character of the space. The space is complete with comfortable modern furniture, chandeliers, and lamps that offer the room a sense of understated luxury.

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