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A Retro Chic Joint

If you fancy a change of scene from the conventional burger places in Dhaka, head to Farmhouse Burger – the ultimate modern spin on a classic burger joint. The handcrafted menu accompanied by a decidedly retro-chic aesthetic lends this place its inimitable feature.

The snazzy burger joint was conceptualized by the husband-wife duo Nafees Alam and Nadia Khan. With over 15 years of experience in the restaurant business in Dallas, Texas USA, Nafees Alam is a nationally recognized and awarded restaurateur.

Entering a new frontier like the Dhaka food scene was hence an exciting experience for him and his wife. “Until a few decades ago, almost everything that we ate in this country was fresh, free-range, and ethically-grown.

It wasn’t special or high-end, it was just food. Farmhouse Burger’s hope is to help achieve that norm again and make everyday food genuinely good food; connecting people, to their community, and to their right to eat and live well. Farmhouse Burger aims to be a game-changer in the Dhaka food scene”, explains Nadia Khan. Farmhouse Burger brings to the table a never frozen quality beef, freshly made brioche buns and the tantalizing array of sauces made from scratch.

The carefully-curated menu is a total crowd-pleaser, offering something for everyone. “Our commitment to creating the best possible food for our discerning guests affects the price, and the higher cost is a direct reflection of that promise”, Nadia adds.

The best stories and memories are often shared over food and what really sets Farmhouse Burger apart is its attempt to create a space that celebrates people as much as food. One is bound to notice the attention to every last detail that goes into the restaurant: the food, the hospitality, the decor and the overall vibe.

“We wanted to create a space that evoked emotion because food is all about the experience and being able to connect with those who matter the most”, says Nadia.

Conveniently located at the basement of the Bay’s 23 Gulshan Avenue, Farmhouse Burger wears its love for the vibrant retro aesthetic on its sleeve. As you take the stairs that lead you to the underground space, you are immediately transported to a lively speakeasy-style food joint from the 50’s era.

“Retro-chic” is perhaps the best way to describe the interior design of Farmhouse Burger.
The plush leather booths, the glaring neon signage, the framed Texan Longhorns and the gorgeous long marble bar are all elements that make for one stunning burger joint.

The varied styles of seating cater to a wide range of guests- the communal benches work best for large groups of families or friends, the brightly coloured bar stools are fun yet convenient for the quick
solo lunches or dinners. In case you are looking for something a little cosier, the leather booths will serve your purpose. For those who love to sit outside, the ambience couldn’t be more ideal!

The visually stimulating artwork by the renowned graffiti artist Salzar is the perfect backdrop for an amazing selfie and the foosball table adds to the fun.

The restaurant is dimly lit with retro pendant lights and diffused lights while fresh greenery soothes the eyes.

“Farmhouse Burger is easily the most Instagrammed place in Dhaka- you’ve either seen an influencer posting selfies with one of our delicious shakes against the “Shake it like a polaroid” neon sign or playing foosball outside in front of the art piece”, says Tanvir N Chowdhury, the Business Development Manager of Farmhouse Burger.

The owners worked with Bay Developments to design and construct the restaurant. Bay’s ability to create state-of-the-art, intriguing and unique retreats amidst the hustle and bustle of Dhaka city’s landscape is what they are renowned for and this project is no different.

Farmhouse Burger is the ultimate modern spin on a classic burger joint where the food is top-notch and the service is impeccable.

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