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An artist whose creativity is emulsified with spirituality, Nuzhat Tabassum, also known as ‘Nuzart’, is the kind of artist whose art flows with ease. Since art paved its way into her life from sheer will of passion, she sways wherever it takes her. Despite having an Engineering background in academic life, Nuzhat pursued art for a living.

Nuzhat believes art is a holistic way of living. She had always enjoyed art as a child, but as it often happens, adulthood interferes with the goodness of life. It is when she had an existential crisis in her mid-twenties, she embarked on the journey to discover herself and reconnect with her creative side which she had left behind.

Quite evident in Nuzhat’s artwork, is that she enjoys using vibrant colours.

The amalgamation of several patterns working in tandem with multicolour creates a psychedelic aura to the art.

The term ‘psychedelic’ in its literal sense means ‘soul revealing’ in Greek. She consciously does not follow any specific theme. However, there certainly is a recurrent pattern in her artwork. Most often, Nuzhat’s drawings involve women and owl. Owls symbolize wisdom and knowledge and so she draws them as guardian angels looking over the universe at large. However, on a deeper level, she reckons, “women play a huge role in the creation of the universe, in the sense that women are portals between universes and they are the gateway to life on earth.” She often tries to depict the power a woman holds over the elements of nature in her art.

She goes with the flow when it comes to art. Hence, most of her works aren’t premeditated but takes shape right when they’re being created, and she simply takes the role of the audience. It’s always thrilling when the end result reveals itself.

“I often find myself wondering if my art truly is mine or am I simply the medium of the divine flow of the universe expressing itself through me,” states Nuzhat.

Nuzhat Tabassum

Nuzhat draws a great deal of inspiration from music. And whenever she does face artist block, she simply steers her creative energy in another direction. She believes, “just like seasons, the creative energy also shifts and changes and we have to move along with it.” On the other hand, she connects on a spiritual level with the work of Alex Grey, who specializes in psychedelic art.

To Nuzhat, art is a soul searching spiritual journey, where something as superficial as ‘planning’ has no place. She wishes to have a solo exhibition someday. Besides that she hopes to keep making art and stay true to herself; while enjoying the ride and take whatever comes her way.

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