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Hosting the Perfect High Tea

High Tea, in this contemporary time, is a deliciously lively social event where one can enjoy at their leisure of a mid-day. Indulge in a vintage-chic setup to host your guests in your living room, dining room, or garden! Curate a tablescape with these exquisite and modern decor pieces, to gratify your creative desire and surprise the guests with a delightful sight.

Golden Charm
  • Golden Charm– The three-tiered 26” tall buffet stand from Luxe Living is a must have for a modern-day High Tea. The sleek ornamental design is minimal yet elegant to the core. Price on request
Gilded Pineapple
  • Gilded Pineapple– A nut platter that is a true gleaming gold colour, is suitable for serving for fruit and nut medley and also for decorating a beautiful, tropical tablescape. The exotic piece is from Casa Divano. Price: 12000 BDT
High Tea Assortment
  • High Tea Assortment– A set of High Tea must-haves curated to perfection. The Royal Albert-Polka Rose Vintage set from Penthouse Livings has both an accent factor, as well as functionality to it. Price on request
Classic Check
  • Classic Check– This Mackenzie Child- Royal Check Tea Kettle is oozing with vibrancy and is fun yet traditional. The royal blue checks, the glass knob, and brass handle make it an ideal piece from Penthouse Livings to be used for High Tea. Price on request
Vintage Glint
  • Vintage Glint– The antique wine glass and juice bottle from Casa Divano can be showcased as a decorative piece and be used for occasional events. Tinted glass embossed with antique golden checks makes the pair a fine collector’s item. Price: Glass- 1000 BDT each, Juice Bottle- 5000 BDT
Whimsical Bloom
  • Whimsical Bloom– This charismatic birdcage centrepiece from Casa Divano could be the perfect addition to your guest’s table. The unique flower nest decor can be used to suit various styles and event themes. Price: 7000 BDT
Timeless Luminesce
  • Timeless Luminesce– Lustrous gold metal combined with the romantic glow of light amber tinted glass; the pair of candle holders by Satori and Lumiere is a true spectacle to behold. Price: Large- 4125, Small- 3725
Traditional Value
  • Traditional Value– This Royal Albert 100 Years 3-Tier Cake Stand- English Chintz, Regency & Duchess is decorated with traditional floral motifs of the Victorian era. The rims are artfully gilded giving a lush look to the cake stand, which is available at Penthouse Livings. Price on request
Pastel Delight
  • Pastel Delight– This Kim Seybert – Old Timber Placemat and Brown Gold Flare napkin ring are a great combination to brighten your High Tea table. The contemporary tableware for an urban table is available at Penthouse Livings. Price on request

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