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Minimal and Chic – Monno Ceramic

The Monno Ceramic store located at capital’s Banani area is designed to create a fine and unique experience for the clients and end-users. From the very beginning of the design, the main theme of the interior evolved around developing a minimalistic yet chic décor while offering a calm, warm atmosphere. 

Monno Ceramic started its journey in 1984 and today it is one of the largest ceramic tableware manufacturers of the country. Its Banani outlet covers an area little over 1450 sq. feet that took approximately only two months to complete. The project was designed and managed by Mr Shareq Rauf Chowdhury and Ms Nur-e-Dipha Muttaqi Ananya of URBECO Consultants Limited. “We started working on the store initially in March 2020, and during that time, the pandemic hit Bangladesh. All work was halted for more than three months for the lockdown and we faced quite a challenge to open the store within September”, they express. The main requirement was to create a unique and distinguishable visual identity for the ceramic tableware products, reflecting the sobriety, elegance and refinement of the brand through the interior of the premises. 

From the initial stage of the design, the main theme was to portray a minimalistic and chic décor style and the whole design kind of developed around it. The colour palette of the interior is mostly grey and black with a touch of natural wood finish to accentuate the look. Ceramic tiles are used on the floors and wood, metal and marble are used to make all the custom made racks and furniture of the store.

The shelves feature a varied artful selection of Bone China and Porcelain tableware which is best-known for its highest quality and designs, composed by renowned designers such as Queensberry Hunt, Nick Holland, Billy Lloyd etc.

“The design theme is intentionally kept very sober in order to highlight the colourful products. Our collection features a selection of finely sophisticated tableware for everyday use and for occasion and parties to give you the pure luxury vibe at the most affordable price”, says Mr Rasheed Mymunul Islam, Managing Director of Monno Ceramic. “The translation of a design idea through prototyping and production, and the quality of the finishes is vital – whether that is a mass-manufactured product or a handcrafted object. Our continuous innovation in product development and a strong retail operation has been the key in making Monno a leading household brand for 36 years”, he continues.  

The display counter and shelves positioning provide room for the flow of customers who can choose and admire the bespoke designs. There is a section on the left wall of the entrance of the store which remains as a momentous corner. It has a sketch of the Late Mr Harunar Rashid Khan Monno, the founder of Monno Ceramic, and a timeline of Monno Ceramic’s journey. The corner is a sort of homage to the visionary entrepreneur and the timeline conveys that his vision is still being carried forward by his heirs. 

The subtle setting of the store and the fine details not only provides a unique shopping experience but also lets clients escape reality for a moment and fully immerse themselves in the world of Monno.

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