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Planters & Plants for your Space

In addition to the aesthetic values plants bring to home decor, indoor plants can be beneficial for health in many ways. Plant decoration is a growing trend this season, contributing to the mind and body. Many of the indoor plants require minimum maintenance, hence, pot them in unique planters to enhance your decor.

Hanging Planter

1. Hanging Planter- The geometric metal hanging planter from Bohu is a decorative piece cum plant holder. Hang it from a corner of your plant station to highlight the space. Price: 1800 BDT

Lush Ivy

2. Lush Ivy- Ivy can make a wonderful, bright houseplant. It can grow long and lush and bring a bit of the outdoors inside. Decorate indoors with ivy, in terracotta planter with geometric iron stand for a sturdy support. Find it available in ProPlanters. Price: 1350 BDT

Hogla Planter

3. Hogla Planter- The local made handcrafted hogla hanging planter from Prokritee is a must have for bohemian chic decor. It is a unique way of displaying vining plants on the wall. Price: 250 BDT

Pyramid Plant Stand

4. Pyramid Plant Stand- Get creative with ladder shelves, by curating it with different kinds of plants and planters, to make a statement corner. Get the beautiful chic shelf from Bohu. Price: 6600 BDT

Glass Tube Holder

5. Glass Tube Holder- The Lemon Lime Dracaena makes an ideal plant for indoors as it needs less water and thrives on indirect natural light. The particular plant in glass tube and wooden stand from ProPlanters makes a perfect decorative piece for desks or side tables. Price: 780 BDT

Giant Devil’s Ivy

6. Giant Devil’s Ivy- The houseplant is proportionate on all sides and has an even distribution of leaves. The bright green massive leaves with yellow splatters make it a lively indoor plant. It comes in a white ceramic planter from Plant Affairs. Price: 2200 BDT

Aspen Leaves

7. Aspen Leaves- Home Works brings you faux plant in long concrete planter for those who want to be hassle-free of the live plant maintenance. The dark aspen leaves in a bunch, potted in carved would bring living space to life. Price on request

Grass Plant

8. Grass Plant- The vibrant green faux grass plant from Home Works with a concrete pot can fit into any modern décor. When live plants become high maintenance, having realistic looking faux plant can save up the hassle. Price on request

Mesh Partition

9. Mesh Partition- This unique stand is from Bohu. It is such an innovative way of displaying hanging plants, while setting plant pots on the bottom shelves. Price: 8800 BDT

Fortune’s Spindle

10. Fortune’s Spindle- The vining plant from Brikkho Haat provides vivid green foliage and comes in a beautifully carved terracotta pot. Price: 417 BDT

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