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Scenic Bliss

– Sairu Hill Resort, Bandarban

Set against the spectacular greenery covered hill range of Bandarban in the Chittagong Hill Tracts, Sairu Hill Resort has quickly won hearts for its natural beauty, evoking mystic moods. No matter what season, Sairu leaves abundance of beauty and charm for the eyes to settle upon. The design and execution of the resort was carried out by DOMUS, a renowned Architectural Consultancy firm of Bangladesh. The Principal Architect Mustafa Ameen had the concept of designing a contemporary resort following the ‘less is more’ principle.

The master plan was conceived by being sensitive towards the site and surroundings. Most of the structures have been built on steel stilts to minimize any change in the natural contours. The existing trees were left untouched and more plants were added while shaping the landscape of the resort.

The spaces were designed to obtain maximum panoramic views taking full advantage of the topography while including the luxuries of a modern-day-resort. Local materials such as stones and bamboos were used to achieve the rustic outlook which seamlessly blends with nature. “Since the location of the resort was on a hilly area with no chunk of plane land, the planning and designing of Sairu was quite a challenging task”, says Ar. Mustafa Ameen.

Mustafa Ameen

It was kept into consideration that the pristine beauty of nature could not be damaged unless it blended with the topography, keeping the contours intact. The construction of Sairu is a sensitive response to nature with only exception being the driveway which had been scrapped and curved out of the hill. While most resorts attempt to cater more to the luxury aspect, Sairu Hill Resort goes all out to bring one close to the nature by paying attention to the view it offers.

Exotic Travel Escapade

– Dusai Resort and Spa

Dusai luxury resort and spa located in Moulvibazar district, Sylhet, is a splendid amalgamation of pure relaxation tempered with the perfect touch of elegant refinement designed by architect Iqbal Habib and his team VITTI Sthapati Brindo Ltd.

The villas in the resort are built with a fine combination of traditional and contemporary style that perfectly complements the overall atmosphere. The resort comprises of deluxe villas, villa suites and presidential villas for guests to choose from according to their preferences. Starting right in front of the main entrance to the villas which overlook the lush tea gardens-Dusai is a veritable hub of activity.

The infinity pool gleaming beneath the sky is fringed by lush greenery to generate the impression of swimming with the tropics. In addition, a professionally designed open air hot Jacuzzi has been installed for the guests’ relaxation. A holistic spa is offered for guests to indulge in an all-natural package that includes herbal and floral concoctions.

Iqbal Habib

Dusai is the perfect place to escape from the bustling city Dhaka, and indulging in the scenic natural beauty. Anyone walking into Dusai can sense the feel of leisure and can leave the resort renewed with an unforgettable experience.

Seaside Bliss

– Mermaid Beach Resort, Cox’s Bazar

Secluded in the picturesque city Cox’s Bazar, the tropical retreat Mermaid Beach resort is designed to give visitors an intimate experience of bliss, celebrating the flora, fauna and culture of the area with minimal intrusion on the landscape. Local influences form an integral part of the project, from vernacular tradition and materials to community involvement.

The master plan of the resort comprises different types of villas that are crafted to embrace the tropical expanse and that pay homage to traditional culture and history. Stretch out amongst the lush gardens and the latte-sandy beachfront, the villas are designed to tread lightly and with minimal impact featuring dozens of swimming and plunge pools, dining area and cafes, and numerous amusement spots.

The main structure of the villas is created using a bamboo framework and walls made from compressed earth blocks. The rooms are constructed with indigenous materials which open to private terraces and generous decks.The dwelling layouts blend indoor and outdoor spaces by continuing the relaxation area, with luxuriously oversized cushion-filled day beds, out onto private terraces that bring guests closer to the majestic ocean view.

Catered across the sandy site are a variety of lounging areas with long, communal tables, and other areas with colourful pillows and low tables decorated with ceramic planters and pots, hand-woven baskets and exotic flowers. Locally made hammocks slung between palms and wooden cabanas on the sand provide ample opportunities to lie and relax. In short, the Mermaid Beach resort is an ultimate resort destination designed to help urbanities escape to a place of natural beauty and quietude.

Monumental and Timeless

– Sonargaon Folk Art and Craft Museum

Conserved in one of the most historic cities of Bangladesh, notably Sonargaon, the Folk and Craft museum was established in 1975 by the legendary painter Zainul Abedin. It is a memento of Shilpacharya Zainul Abedin that pursues to capture and preserve the traditions and culture of the people of Bangladesh.

The main museum building is placed at the ‘Sardar Bari’ located on a picturesque fifty-hectare piece of land that consists of magnificent landscapes and peaceful artificial lakes and ponds. The structure of the museum likewise looks like the Indian houses; however, the state of the museum resembles the European palaces.

But the truly mesmerizing aspects are the florid enrichment and the intricate detailing on the mortar of the building. The museum spans two exhibition galleries that consist of brilliant artworks of the painter Zainul Abedin and sculptures depicting the local life of people, artists and artisans of the country. Other fascinating artworks are displayed on the new exhibition hall that features ornamented houseboat, diverse wooden adornment pieces, and models of various sorts of watercraft.

Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed

Another exhibition hall has been constructed later on similar premises, where fundamentally the rich culture of textures in Sonargaon is being shown.
The museum has been restored to its accurate state by renowned architect and architectural conservation specialist Abu Sayeed M. Ahmed. Some of his notable works include restoration of Baro Sarder Bari, restoration of Varendra Research museum etc. Heritage buildings and monuments have great value not only as landmarks and icons, but the rich archeological relics encourage the user to forge a deeper and more meaningful understanding of its vital resources and collective cultures.

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