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A Lush Oasis – Pinewood

The new eatery of Pinewood restaurant residing in the locale of Dhanmondi emerges as a small lush oasis amidst the concrete jungle. It is the place where diners would find themselves surrounded by tropical plants and vegetation, natural wood, organic wall finishes, and hand decor details at various points throughout, bringing a natural feel to the entire space.

The remodeling of the restaurant began mid-November of last year and was completed and inaugurated this year in January. The owners of the restaurant, Lipi Ahmed and Harun Sultan shares that previously, the place was used as a gallery so the house had to go through a lot of renovation to create new wide rooms with enough space to comfort the customers and staff. The openings are expanded as much as possible, ensuring greater interior-exterior integration and also allowing daylight to enter. Special attention was paid to the facades so that each space has its own identity. All materials and textures are natural: a lot of wood, brick, and metal. In terms of furniture, each loose furniture such as sofas, tables, meets the functional needs of the project, without creating domination, but integrating into harmony, and speaking the same language as the rest of the space. The design layout decisions for each section of the restaurant were strategically planned in order to provide inclusivity and flexibility without compromise. “Our aim was to create a place that will give guests a comfort feeling and make it convenient for both young and aged groups of diners. So keeping these preferences in mind, we divided the place into few sections: a formal dining space for families, a more cozy space for intimate dining, and a large outdoor space which happens to be the noisiest zone than the rest of the zones in the restaurant”, says the owners of Pinewood restaurant. “Since the weather of our country is hot and humid in most of the months of the year, and locals like to spend a lot of the time outside, we opt for a large outdoor space that has a lot of greenery. Guests like to immerse themselves in this serene atmosphere while enjoying their favorite cocktail or coffee alongside our signature meals: chicken cheeseburger, creamy spaghetti, pastas, or a bowl of freshly prepared salad. As owners, we feel humbled to offer something fresh, playful, and reviving to the urbanities”, continuing.

Elements of decor details received special attention in the restaurant. A lot of ethnic items, paintings, and planter pots are scattered throughout the space. The design of such areas attracts visitors who in addition to eating delicious food, also hit a pose or two.

A highlight of the project is the wall which has a leaf imprint throughout. Another is the section which has coloured bottles composed one above the other, strikes a quirky hint. “The composition of the decoration emerges from trial and error process. The decor details remit our emotional memories, our family’s personal touch and collection to complete the ambiance of the restaurant”, shares the owners. The finishing touch involves the lighting installation. A soft warm light is chosen that add charm to space during the daylight hours as well as late evenings.

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Tasmiah Chowdhury

An architecture graduate who believes architecture exists as an emotional platform. She enjoys putting down this emotive tool into words while enjoying a cup of latte and plugging to ‘Rabindra Sangeet’.

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