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A Paradigmatic Bistronomy

Text by Ferdoushi Hossain Suhi

Nestled in Bay’s Edgewater in Gulshan North Avenue, Bistro-E is a high-end cafe and restaurant that serves the inhabitants of Dhaka a space of sanctuary with its intimate ambience created with modern living philosophy and architectural design fusing with an urban dining experience. Bistro- E stayed true to its name reference of bistronomy which literally means casual fine dining.

The place was particularly designed by the in-house architects of Bay Development to portray the values Bistro-E believes in as a brand. As a part of Bay Edgewater’s line, the restaurant embraces the universal modernity and timeless soul. The first step into the restaurant takes one into a cosy and comfortable atmosphere with its prominent warm lighting.

The use of fair-faced concrete and full-height glass all around is a signature of the modern era that also encompasses timelessness.

The texture of the true nature of concrete is further enhanced with the combination of light and shadows reflected upon the walls.

The interior is done to serve different kinds of customers, at different paces of life, in search of environments as per their requirements.

It is different at different times of the day, as well as at the same time depending on the area of choice. One side displays an intimate and quiet environment with artificial lighting whereas the other end is flooded with daylight through the glass, ensuring a bright and lively atmosphere. The long wooden table with bright warm light is ideal for a gathering and contrarily, the comfortable sofa setting is quintessential for a quiet meeting. A bookshelf adds to the cosiness of the area where one can sit comfortably and get lost in the pages. Various unique light fixtures with different intensities facilitate creating a diverse atmosphere under the same roof. Even though various sitting and lighting setups define different zoning, each of them is of modern furnishes. The use of concrete sealers on the floors giving fine dark marble finish or the bright carpets both complement the choices of furniture of contrasting light colour. The whole interior has a raw, earthy colour scheme of grey and black with contrasting bright colours that stand out. This neutral yet eye-catching tone matches the corporate theme.

The gallery inside the restaurant has amazing paintings and artworks displayed with proper lighting and grey and white tone walls used as a background that emphasizes the arts and enhances the beauty. There is also a smoking zone that is open to the sound of the bustling city but has partial visual isolation with the use of greeneries. The green outdoor setting is soothing with the tinkling sound of water and Gulshan Lake views where one can spend a pleasant time with friends and family alike.

Bistro-E offers mouthwatering classic modern cuisine, made of the finest ingredients for lunch and dinner, and delicious in-house gelato and desserts that customers can enjoy along with freshly brewed coffee that is available at any time of the day. Bistro-E is a portrayal of sophisticated, classy, and yet very relaxed dining that incorporates order and harmony. It showcases modernity and progress that is dynamic in terms of its cuisine as well as decor, creating a versatile domain for the chortles of friends gathering after a hectic day or musing about life over a cup of espresso.

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