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Grid Play – SAVVA

Written by Yeana Anmol

Located in Kamal Attaturk Avenue, on the 14th floor of Genetic Baro Bhuiyan Building is the culinary carnival venue known as SAVVA. Offering cuisines from all over the world, Savva only offers the best to their gastronomic clientele. The interior itself is enough to speak to what may come on the table followed by the incredible alternating menus.

Savva offers their clients an experience like never before. It is known as a venue to host a myriad of events such as art shows, business seminars, fashion shows, musical performances etc. The goal of this venture is to connect people with what they are passionate about.

The founder and CEO of Savva, Oscar Chowdhury and his fellow award winning executive chef, Simon had all hands on deck to make this idea come to life.

When Oscar Chowdhury first found this fourteen storey high wide space, he instantly fell in love with it and decided to turn it into a space of his dreams. Starting from just a barren concrete zone, it became an enticing place; open to all the connoisseurs looking for a fine dining experience in Dhaka. The main focus of this location is that it gives a panoramic view of the beloved Dhaka city. Savva allows you to get away from all the hustle and bustle of the city life and just enjoy your time at a more calm and serene environment.

The venue has a large and spread out areas, allowing much more breathing and walking room and is big enough to hold events as well. The owner takes pride on the minimalistic design and spaciousness of his work.

Something that instantly catches the eye of the person who enters the place, is the marvelous chandelier that look like the rings of the planet Saturn itself. This incredible piece was imported by the owner himself all the way from China. The glass windows that engulf the venue are made in such a way that it can withstand the 125 kmph winds that Bangladesh has.

The furniture, the placing of the materials and everything above and beyond was curated by Oscar himself. He has a deep connection with this venue as it was very hands-on work. His innovative and challenge-driven nature allows him to think up ideas to always make sure that his customers can look forward to something new the next time they choose to dine at Savva.

The main colour scheme of Savva is white, tangerine, grey and sleek black. The colours compliment each other beautifully and add an aesthetic of its own to the decor. The walls contain murals hand painted by the very talented Saria Saguaro, which add some pops of colour to the rather minimalistic vibe.

Other than being well-furnished and top notch, Savva is also eco-friendly! The walls near the bathroom are made of titanium oxide, which automatically purifies the air when UV light hits it. Furthermore, this allows better cooling between the spacious areas and saves a lot of energy. The rooftop sitting area is also rather nature friendly! It has an entire wall decorated with potted plants and looks absolutely stunning. The rooftop sitting area is ideal for those who want to admire the view of Dhaka and be one with nature and the atmosphere.

When it comes to the food, Savva you will never leave you disappointed. Inspired by cuisines from all around the world, Savva has a wide range of culinary excellence to offer to the public of Dhaka city. Their beef tataki simply melts in your mouth and is entailed by a tangy onion salad on top.

The delicious flatbread is served on a wooden plank for a more rustic vibe. The desserts are to-die-for! The panna cottas come in four different flavours being blueberry, chocolate, mango and dragonfruit. Oscar’s personal favourite is the Dragonfruit panna cotta and he recommends everyone to try it at least once.

So, the next time you look for a place to eat out or celebrate a special day, be sure to look no further than Savva! You can catch breakfast, brunch, lunch and even dinner with your loved ones and friends and each time there would something different to look forward to. All in all, it is ideal to visit Savva at least once if you’re looking for amazing interior and well executed food!

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