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Hongbao: A Tale of Finesse and Food

Text by Jahanara Tariq

Located at the heart of Gulshan, Hongbao— the authentic Chinese restaurant is a marvellous sight for your eyes as much as it is a delectable treat for your taste buds. Spanning over an area of 5,700 sq ft of dining space, more than 1,350 sq ft kitchen and a seating capacity of more than a hundred people, the restaurant works as a canvas of ornate orientalism; the focus and the care going behind the most intricate details, being evidently visible.

The exterior of the place is undoubtedly wrought with materials of pristine excellence; starting from the most premium marble and ceramic tiles, portraying calming pastel patterns to smoky oak wood and the most durable glasses. “We handpicked everything and sourced them especially from overseas, leaving no stone unturned to build this one of a kind high-end restaurant,” the owner lets us know.

The entire aesthetic of the place has been stitched together by a well-known Chinese interior firm named ‘Aone China’. While Chinese interior design isn’t talked about as much as minimal Mid-century, refreshingly achromatic Scandinavian, or decadent Baroque styles, it is one of the most poignant design flair there is. It is dynamic, striking a symphonic poise between traditional and contemporary design – a mix of cozy minimalism and experimental styles.

Hongbao, similarly while being adorned in the quintessential and sophisticated palette of brown, black, and white; however has an abundance of gold and light shimmer which adds a sense of panache to the whole setting.

At this note, the owner shares with us – “We wanted to provide not just the most palatable delicacies to our patrons but also the highest quality decor, amenities, and ambiance. This is why we decided to source the furniture and fittings from various countries that were specialized in producing these – such as China, Malaysia, and Singapore. We wanted to ensure that we get our hands on the best products available in the world for this luxurious brand.”

“We have an exquisitely radiant ambiance that beautifully complements the contemporary menu we offer. With warm ambient lighting, elegantly decorated round tables, and soothing tunes to set the mood, we provide an unforgettable escape from the crowd and the chaos in a cosy, comfortable, and stylish atmosphere.

We want to welcome all our patrons to a truly fine dining experience brimming with much-needed serenity,

The owners lets us know regarding the energy and the philosophy of Hongbao.

In terms of accessories, besides the sleek surfaces of dark, lacquered woods, dimly lit, decorative lanterns, meticulously hewn latticework furniture, well-rounded Oriental pots, velvet cushions of pearl hues and comfy couches exude a lovely sense of grounded warmth to the otherwise deluxe setup as the scrumptious delicacies await the ardent epicures.

Though suffused with an echo of traditional Chinese design – the ethos of which complements the arrays of the delightful dishes being served at HongBao, there is a certain aspect of brilliant innovation meticulously fashioned throughout the entire edifice. The expression of which is imminent upon taking a look at the ceiling, cascaded by a magnificent wooden structure. Mimicking the form of a wheel, this structure is placed on the surface of the roof and works as a charming barrier to the tube lights – setting the mood just right. This detail harmonizes with the wooden and metallic shoji screens present within the restaurants and brings out an almost enchanting play of light and colours within the structure.

According to the Charlotte Moss “There are two things that make a room timeless: a sense of history and a piece of the future.” The near to perfect waltz between convention and innovation at Hongbao inevitably draws one’s mind to this saying as the interior does not only exude a sense of splendid tradition mixed with lush luxury but also a certain vibrancy that causes one to pause, and speculate the art of intelligent design.

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