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Justified Japanese – Ginza

Written by Safeeyah Ayman

In the heart of Banani Road 11, is the understated Japanese restaurant, Ginza. The quiet place is perfect for a quick lunch during the busy office hours, or for a slower dinner to distress at the end of the day. The dark wood interior does wonder to soothe the mind and ease the soul. The food stands out with its traditional Japanese flare which has been elevated to suit the Bangladeshi palate. Step into the most sublime eatery and enjoy the tastes and flavours of Japan without having to step out of the country.

Step into the restaurant through their double door, constructed dark wood offset with the large glass panels that allow visitors a glimpse of the interior of the eatery.

The floor-to-ceiling glass windows that run all around the exterior façade of the building allow you to enjoy the view of the ever busy Road 11. The entire interior is decorated in stately dark wood floors, accented by grey walls that hold Japanese style artwork. The decorative artwork is kept simple and tasteful as not to interfere with the atmosphere. A quiet and serene ambience is created with soft diffused lights from a simply designed black gypsum board ceiling. The lowered lamps create a sort of depth that plays well with the dark floor and ceiling. The large glass windows illuminate the interior during the day, brightening up the place with natural light at the same time giving you the best view of the concrete jungle. At night, this place takes a somewhat romantic look, the dark and dimmed lights conceive a cozy atmosphere which is splendid for a quiet, romantic dinner with your loved one.

The entire interior is decorated in stately dark wood floors, accented by grey walls that hold Japanese style artwork.

The food is mouthwateringly delicious and even though Ginza is not really cheap, it is not wallet breaking. You can try Ginza’s steamed chicken or beef gyozas, which are filled with delicious meat fillings and steamed to perfection; served with an array of sauces that are the perfect entrée to start your meal. Dip your chopsticks into their delectable salmon maki sushi roll. Lush pieces of salmon on perfect little beds of rice; a bit of wasabi and soy sauce and the flavours pop and dance in your mouth. Follow the subtle flavours of the sushi with some delightfully spicy jalapeño chicken. Superb, perfect little bites of tender juicy chicken, marinated in a beautiful sauce, topped with thin slices of jalapenos bring new burst of flavours into every bite. Soothe your mouth with what is unarguably the best dish in the house: the midori steamed fish. The succulent fish is steamed to perfection, topped with a green sauce that pairs well with the subtle flavours of the fish. The Ginza special seafood fried rice is the most appropriate vessel to carry all these beautiful flavours together.
The atmosphere that Ginza has formed with its good food and amiable ambience leaves the visitors with the hope of coming back again to enjoy all the amenities available.

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