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The Vintage Station Uplifting Mood- Foodies’ Station Nikunja

Text by Ferdoushi Hossain Suhi

‘Good food is mood’- with this very motto, the cozy new restaurant Foodies’ Station is stationed at Nikunja, Khilkhet to welcome and satisfy the food cravings and uplift the mood of the public with mouthwatering, delectable food to indulge in, encompassed in a pleasant and relaxed atmosphere. The place is an initiative of six enthusiasts Bapon, Pappu, Rana, Ripon, Saif, and Rahul- all who came forward to make up this team to realize their vision into a reality that gradually took the form of ‘Foodies Station’. The owners wanted the restaurant to be a go-to place for people looking for a different but snug setting to dine in. Bapon Rahman and his team at ‘Eden on Earth’ designed the interior with the utmost care, attention to detail, and an image in mind about its ambience that transformed the whole space from a shabby fast food shop to a cozy and comfortable dine-in. The place takes one back into the Victorian era with the chic classical-themed decor. The sitting arrangement features the definitive vintage motif, while the walls are ornamented with various unique articles representing the desired theme.

From the choice of furniture to the detailed pieces adorning the space along with the soft musical background, the vintage vibe sets the customers right in the scene of some novel.

The French classical window is particularly chosen and adorned with the lacy, delicate drapes, the image put forward is of warmth and comfort.

The soothing grey and pastel color pallete, with the tint of blue hues, is a pleasure to the eyes of the onlookers.

The Tiffany-toned warm lights enhance the beauty even further. The staircase at the entry was given a grey, raw look as a nod to the term ‘station’.  Moreover, the impression of the sky and the addition of greeneries bring in the taste of nature into the arena. Foodies’ Station prioritizes the quality of the food and makes it affordable and in reach of all sectors of people. The location itself is inhabited by various kinds of people, such as college-going students, bachelors, and families, and the outlet wants to serve all of them with the finest dining experience of European and continental cuisine at a reasonable price range. Not only does the experienced chef present beautiful and flavoursome servings, but the items are also given unique names to make them more interesting. Foodies’ Station and its owners want to bond and maintain good relations with the customer and welcome all constructive criticism and valued appreciation. The diner strives to be a homely place where one feels better with positive energy, a comfortable station for all food enthusiasts just as its name suggests.

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