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Whimsically Romantic | Sparrows

Sparrows, named after the bird to symbolize freedom, whimsy, and nostalgia, is a beautiful restaurant located on the quieter side of Gulshan 2. The eatery is the brainchild of owner and designer Saroshah Islam, who managed to create a successful business in a post lockdown world that offers its customers good food and a great ambience to enjoy with friends and family.

Sparrows opened their doors for business in January 2021, in a post lockdown Dhaka city, where people who have been in lockdown for so long were looking for something new and exciting. When you enter through the glass doors, you are greeted with the delightful sight and smells of the freshly baked goodies, artfully placed at the display counter. On the left of the doors is a sweet wall of Polaroids of all the people who attended the inauguration. They are forever on the wall to commemorate the opening, holding a very special place in Saroshah’s heart.

The bakery display counter acts as a bar, a coffee-making area, and as a cash counter as well. The counters are done in white and grey granite to give off a fresh look. The most interesting feature about the display counter is the lighting fixture arrangement that hangs overhead. It is a thin metal rod fixture that has been carefully handcrafted by welding each piece separately to create the desired shape.

The result is an asymmetrical geometric-shaped structure that adds character to the whole look.

On the left to the entrance are stairs to the second floor where the majority of the seating options are laid out in two sections indoors, with additional seating arrangements outside on the back balcony. The section on the left of the stairs is filled with dark tables offset with richly dark-hued blue upholstered chairs that are locally sourced. At the back of this section is a wall of greenery that gives the place a forest look.

This forest feel is further reinforced by the dainty fake ivy leaves that decorate the ceiling, with little bird cages, interweaving fairy lights, and round lights hanging down.

The addition of the greens from the ceiling emphasises the romanticism of the eatery. In the back of this section is a private dining/meeting room where a large group can occupy and can have some privacy afforded by the sliding doors. The special feature of the private dining room is the tabletop that rests on stone. It may, at a glance, look like the table is resting precariously on an oddly shaped rock, but it is as steady as possible due to some brilliant engineering in creating an extra leg, hidden by the rock to add support to the table.

The section on the right has comfy lush sofas where customers can relax and enjoy their food. The rich brown upholstery complements the rest of the decor, and the low tables offer a more relaxed environment. The back balcony is interlinked with the Sparrow’s iconic birdcage structure by a walkway that wraps around the back to encourage movement and connectivity in the space. The iconic birdcage structure in the front was a custom-made wrought iron structure that took ages to perfect according to Saroshah, who is happy that she took the time to work out the kinks of the design because the result is this charming structure that is all parts whimsical and romantic. The most exciting feature about Sparrows is the floor-to-ceiling high glass windows in the front and the back that allow an uninterrupted view, and plenty of natural light which gives the place an ethereal vibe.

The moment you enter the gated establishment, there is a big lawn out front, an element that is almost extinct in this new concrete, high-rise town. The outdoor seating area is situated with comfortable sofas, where one can sit and enjoy sporting events shown on the projector while snacking on some delicious food courtesy of the live grilling and barbeque station which is their new addition for the winter season. 

Saroshah Islam, Numayr Haque

As beautiful and enchanting as the decor of Sparrows is, what makes it truly exceptional is their menu consisting of European and French-inspired dishes of deliciousness. They launched their new menu which had Beef Wellington with a beautiful crust embellished with a dainty lattice, which feeds a group of 4, served with deliciously smooth and creamy French mashed potatoes, Fresh Mushroom with Garlic Cream, which had an assortment of mushrooms dressed in sublime garlic cream, Wagyu Ribeye with fresh roasted vegetables and mashed potatoes, Crispy Skin Salmon which was perfectly fried till the skin became gold brown and crispy, and finally, an amazing Stuffed Crab which was mouthwatering to look at and in taste. The menu at Sparrows is always changing so there is always something new to try. The coffee at Sparrows is certainly different from other places too. One can truly taste the premium quality of the beans used and the perfect roast which brings out the flavours without killing the flavour.

Sparrows, with their enchanting whimsical decor and delicious food, have established themselves as the spot to visit for a romantic date or a chill hangout with friends and family.

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