Dhaka Bishwa Biddalaya Shadhinota Sriti Shoudha

The University of Dhaka had taken an initiative to construct the “Dhaka Bishwa Biddalay Swadhinata Stambha” at the Mall area where stone was placed to construct “Kendrio Shahid Minar” by Ex. VC Professor Dr. Muzaffar Ahmed Chaudhury in 1972. To uphold the deeds of University of Dhaka at the period of great Liberation War for future generation “Dhaka Bishwa Bidddalay Swadhinata Stambha” will be constructed. Mall area will be considered as “Muktizoddha Chattar”. So a student competition was launched in December, 2013 in order to get a design proposal for the “Dhaka Bishwa Biddalay Swadhinata Stambha”. This design proposal by Fahim Alam (Batch’ 2008), Rafiqul Islam Tushar (Batch’ 2010) and Al Muttasin (Batch’ 2011) had been selected among more than 70 submissions from the students of Department of Architecture, BUET and now the proposal is under implementation process.

This design of the monument for “Shwadhinota Sriti Shoudha” for Dhaka University is to focus on the sacrifice they made for the country in the Liberation war of 1971. From the very beginning of the history of this country Dhaka University has played a vital role to encourage the whole nation to protect humanity by the force of their leadership and knowledge. And of course, the largest sacrifice made by them was knowledge. They lost a number of unparalleled intellects in the war. So the design is to create knowledge square to recollect their memory and to convey their message to future generation coming.

They tried to make a monument that is enough informative of its thought itself, which is enough futuristic and unique to match with the choice of the upcoming generation, and of course which merges with the given site of mall area nicely. They tried to minimize the disturbance to the nature and circulation of the site. In height, material, and expression of the monument, they attempted to achieve the vibe that has given spirit to the fighters at that time and to make a connection bridge to the upcoming generations with the fighters’ souls.

This proposal captures the spirit of the “Dhaka Bishwa Biddalaya Shadhinota Sriti Shoudha” with minimal intervention into the mall site. The form and material of the monument is novel, futuristic and has the potential for cognitive engagement with the viewers for generations to come. The jury strongly felt that this monument design needed to be built and has the potential to become a national cultural asset.






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