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A Flair of Gourmet Middle Eastern Splendor | Bateel

Taking one right in the middle of the Middle Eastern grandeur just upon entry, a 1100sft boutique in main Gulshan Avenue of Dhaka houses one of the world-renowned gourmet food brands and the world’s only gourmet date grower, producer, and seller, Bateel to avail its tasteful gift boxes containing premium chocolates and gourmet dates that are a refreshing alternative for gift items for loved ones. Starting its journey in the city from 17th July, brought by Beximco Food, Bateel Boutique welcomes the city to experience the taste of premium dates in a very refined Middle Eastern ambience.

The boutique is designed in the same theme that is followed in all its Global outlets, adorned in simple sophistication and elegance. All materials for the interior are outsourced and are of the best quality just like its premium quality dates. With its minimalist colour palette of white, beige, and brown, the interior not only represents Bateel’s origin and objective but also is complementary in presenting the dates. These Middle Eastern delicious novelties are displayed on a white surface, thus being highlighted in contrast with their dark texture. On the other hand, the unique gift boxes are shelved against darker shades to be featured as well as displayed within reach to be chosen. The word ‘Bateel’ itself refers to the young offshoot of a date palm which is used to grow date trees and can be seen represented as art on the wall as well.

From the pristine materials used to the choice of arts on the wall being of date trees in the desert, one gets the flavour of Dubai in each interior detail, that too visually before even tasting it on the palette. Proper lighting is chosen in accordance to keep the ambience and temperature required to maintain the product quality as well as better visual presentation. International standard and quality, for both the products and the outlet, is maintained with no allowance of compromise even with the pandemic situation putting constraints. For instance, even the sign in the exterior was cut out of imported sheets used in all other outlets, even if it meant a slight delay in an installation rather than compromising it for a somewhat similar local material.

Bateel stays true to its tradition of cultivation of the dates in Saudi Arabia and as close to nature as possible and is done using state-of-the-art sustainable farming practices and consequently providing the most premium quality dates. So, if you’re looking forward to trying something truly decadent, drop by the Bateel Boutique, and you will find yourself in a world filled with classic and gourmet variations of seven delightfully delicious Bateel dates, gourmet chocolates, date dhibs, and much more – fit to grace the dessert connoisseur in you to satiate your cravings with a truly premium gourmet dessert experience for you and your loved ones.

With Bateel in the market, the variations of gourmet dates provided by this brand might just peak the interests of date connoisseurs all over the city. More often than not, the consumption of dates is on a rise during Ramadan in Bangladesh. With Bateel in the market, however, the variations of gourmet dates provided by this brand might just peak the interests of date connoisseurs all over the city.

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