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A New Rejuvenation

Salons are meant to be the ultimate unwinding place to rejuvenate yourself to life. The newly renovated Makeover Salon of Uttara Club, for women, is not only a sight to see, but a lounging to let your hair down. Catching up with the modern time, the interior of the beauty salon is very Zen and earthy. Dcon Design Studio has truly succeeded in evoking a tranquil & relaxed mood through the interior.

The 2500 sqft. of previously done area has been renovated to a new theme which is modern and sophisticated through and through. The planning of the interior design was closely related to the theme around which all the design elements are focused. In the beginning, it only existed as an idea, which gradually took form through careful planning.

To bring out the best, the interior designer presented a concept with a visual theme that induces a specific mood

by strategically using color, space and style in tandem. Yet there are more expansion plans, as the gents’ salon is untouched.

Traditionally, makeover salons for women in this country have been extravagantly bright and colourful, with celebrity posters hung around. Themes generally weren’t considered while designing a salon. However, in the recent times, one thinks of beautifying the space with certain aesthetic sense. As for the Uttara Club’s salon, the idea was to have a neutral palette so as to highlight the subject- customers. The colour palette mostly consists of black, grey and white, with pop of earthy colour of wood.

The minimalistic décor is what kindles a Zen atmosphere.

All the materials, which went into making the salon come to life, were locally sourced. The firm had sourced entire collection of furniture, cladding materials and interior pieces according to the concept of the design. Being true to the theme came with a price, since not all elements were readily available. In such circumstances, it had to be customized as per the requirements. Additionally, there were challenges with the spacing of the salon. Especially, in the spa area with much difficulty 4 chambers were fitted. Nonetheless, it all came out splendidly in the end.

Architect Profile
Dcon Design Studio is an architectural and interior design firm that started its journey in 2001 with a young bunch of architects. The firm greatly emphasizes three factors – client satisfaction, maximum use of space and modernism while working with complete dedication and passion, and above all, love for the term ‘Design’ acts as the driving force. Dcon usually deals with different types of architectural works and very selective interior works. The firm helps its client to materialize their dreams, their desires.

Dcon also delivers professional consultancy services to public and private organizations along with multinationals and conglomerates. The expertise of Dcon Design Studio has wide experience working in home and abroad and is familiar with advanced technologies that are taking shape around the world. The highly qualified office personnel of the company provide support; care and help to the clientele bearing diversified role players: planners, designers, construction supervisors who believe on the idea to live, to exist, and to move on with adaptability.

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