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A Rendition of Bengal Artistry

Bengal was always rich in its culture, history, and heritage, with its colourful festivities along with architecture and artistry that was an integral part of life and is now our identity. Incarnating the unique sophistication and elegance of Bengal heritage, the first thematic space of Herstory stands as an epitome of representation of the concept with its exclusive women’s clothing line of Aarong. With a contemporary take on exquisite architectural elements and the delicately crafted surface made with rustic terracotta and brass, Herstory stands out in striking contrast inside the new multi-brand shop of Aarong at Tejgaon designed by Vitti Sthapati Brindo Ltd, blending modernity with time-honoured artistry in its design style just as its fine artisanal craft of sophisticated couture. 

Implemented as a part of the Aarong outlet, the section of Herstory, designed by Studio Morphogenesis, is distinctive with its style that incorporates a contemporary approach in the interpretation of our traditional elements.

The architects took the risk of experimentation, breaking the norm of taking the easy path of the usual construction methods and consequently, showcased the uniqueness of handmade artistry, rooted in our own heritage and culture, and morphed it in a contemporary style.

The colour choice and ambience were inspired by the widespread practice of using red terracotta found across the land on many heritage buildings and monuments. The prominent geometric elements, such as the arch depicting circulation, were also inspired by the architecture practised in the region. The time taken for the endless trials for the choice of samples, and corresponding pigment, and the minute details of installing brass and bondings was worth bringing out the combined look of luxury and legacy of tradition with the modern interpretation.

These experiments with new materials and unique methods of construction not only successfully resulted in turning the vision into reality but also gave a learning experience for the architects as well.

Even with the time constraint, the outlet succeeded in portraying the image of Herstory, where the exhibits are highlighted with complementary background and lighting, and the visitors are given an experience. 

Tamara Abed specifically approached Studio Morphogenesis not only because of their architectural practice of understanding and being sensitive towards the client’s thoughts and designing accordingly, but also their design approach with unique perception. She briefed the project to be such a representation that it would emerge as a unique theme and signature look for Herstory that would be followed in the future outlets as well and gave the architects freedom of experimentation. Following accordingly, Morphogenesis started to work on 15th December 2020 and modelled the outlet with an unprecedented combined look of unostentatious luxury that is textured with the characteristics of natural flaws rather than pristine perfection. The design of the space is an architectural rendition of the concept of the Herstory clothing line that emphasizes the traditional intricate craftsmanship that brings out the unique style and portrays the rich beauty that can come only from the handcrafted artistry of craftsmen with their vigor and magic. Herstory store is now its own signature just like how its product line is an identity of us.

Architect’s Profile

Studio Morphogenesis was founded in 2014 with the collaboration of Architect Shahla Karim Kabir, Architect Suvro Sovon Chowdhury, Architect Minhaz Bin Gaffar and Architect Saiqa Iqbal Meghna with a mindset that differs from the typical approach towards architecture and rather takes the route of evolution. Not only do they believe Architecture to be the realistic imagination of the living world, but they are also in a constant search of better resolutions and in process of learning through experimentation to materialize seemingly elusive dreams with reality in the most professional way. The architectural firm believes in a concept of growth in “Morphogenetic process that evolves within a discursive understanding through socio-cultural impacts and influences process while carefully observing and skillfully stimulating”. 

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