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Colour Spectrum – Berger Experience Center

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

Walking into a room that is unfinished, where the walls are largely blank and there is not much furniture feels like some unifying element is missing. Colour is that unifying force.

Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman
Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman

The moment you enter the Berger Experience Center at Mohammadpur, you dive into an ultimate colour spectrum. Designed by architect Muhammad Muniruzzaman, Principal Architect of Studio Dhaka, the complementing and contrasting of the innumerous paint colour display will surely put you away from all the distress and despair.

Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman

The recessed shelves installed with a huge collection of vibrant samples instantly inject energy to the room, compelling to feel motivated and inspired.

Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman

The designer creatively utilized the compact space of the store, stating clearly that compact space is no barrier to nail any desired style. The clean and clutter-free ambiance makes the space look larger than it is.

Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman

Eliminating clutter and extraneous objects, the store exemplifies simple and sleek interior decor. This simplicity allows the focus to remain on the store’s purpose and function, and on the beauty of its carefully selected paint colour samples and patterns.

Photo Courtesy by Asif Salman

The clean and organized space will help to find inspiration and creativity to choose the perfect paint colour for your home.

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