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Terrific Teal

By Yeana Anmol

Teal is a colour that many people like to call “The Millennial Pink”. The colour provides a deep, immersive look and will almost instantly catch your eye wherever it may be! Similarly, this adorable space at Sweetsin Coffees has incorporated teal magnificently into their decor.

The white and teal striped walls create a pretty illusion to the eye of the beholder. Wooden shelves decorated with potted plants create an eco-friendly vibe and also go beautifully with the colour scheme of the space.

The shade lamps make a dim-lit home-like atmosphere during the night and during the day, the natural light from outside illuminates the area. The small individual sofas are perfect for a comfy sitting place. You can indulge in some quality time with yourself or with a companion.

The small coffee tables are perfect for placing your belongings and your food while you read a nice book in those comfortable chairs. This resembles a lot of the cafes we see on Pinterest as we browse about.

This corner is different from the entire cafe which is why it grabs a lot of attention. It is almost as if the corner pulls you in towards it. It makes for a great place to take Instagram worthy photos and to even sit and study while being accompanied by some sinful desserts!

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