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Where Modern Meets Rustic

Written by Yeana Anmol

Often some significant corners of a house are completely forgotten about. However, Architect Nabila Nowrin, the owner of Bohu Furniture made sure to make the exquisite nook of her living room meet its potential.

The main colour sequence seen is tangerine, mustard yellow, bits of navy, red and porcelain white. The colours are from different ends of the colour spectrum, but somehow they all abode in harmony here. Wood is seen to be the dominant material used when it comes to the furniture. The book shelf has glass doors, which allows you to look into the collection of books and artifacts that the owner possesses. It almost gives a rustic vibe to a modern home as it uses nature’s element. The centre sofa from Jatra is the first thing to catch the eye when you set foot in that corner. It has a mix and match of patterns which instantly grabs your attention. It can be used for a number of things such as resting your feet, sitting or even just to place your belongings. The sitting area is close to wall-to-ceiling length window, so natural light is free to come through and illuminate the room. This allows good circulation of air and always makes the atmosphere seem fresh. A rural art piece made from Nokshi Katha also resides on the wall, showing the essence of Bangladeshi culture.

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