‘Dawn of Black’ Held at Edge Gallery

Written by K N Deya

Edge, The Foundation inaugurated Anukul Chandra Mojumder’s solo art exhibition, Dawn of Black,
Saturday, 27 April, 6:30pm at Edge Gallery, Bay’s Edgewater Gulshan 2.

The exhibition is featuring 77 works by the artists. The exhibition is open for all from April 28 to May 18, daily from 10am to 8pm.

Dawn of Black is the twelfth solo show by the contemporary artist. Born in the year 1974, Bagerhat, he
currently holds the postion of Chief Artist at Gallery Shilpangan. Aside from solo exhibits, he also takes
part in group shows. His art style heavily leans towards the abstract, however the presence of realistic
human figures are also an inevitable part of the big picture. Human forms in perpetual state of motion
seem to be his favorite method of expressing inner conflict. The backdrop of his work generally consist
of rural bangla, set against the themes of motherhood, six seasons and their impact on nature and
tender renditions of childhood.

The artist grew up in a remote area in Bagerhat, and his yearning and nostalgia for such an
uncomplicated life breaks out through his charcoal lines and brush strokes. Struggle, pain and isolation
reflects into his work, which is drawn mostly from imagination and without the help of models. Even so,
his well-honed grasp on human anatomy brings out vivid human expressions and body language.

His canvases bring out semi-realistic, often surrealistic visions. His colors of choice in this exhibition are
black, blue, yellow and vibrant hues of red. He works with Charcoal and sometimes acrylic, on paper and

If you are looking forward to finding traditional beauty, serenity or peace, this exhibition isn’t for you.
There is no place for gentleness in these bold, brutal, even restless paintings.

They focus on contemporary life and its overwhelming despair. With elements of nature in the backdrop, his lines and curves follow those of Ajanta and Elora cave drawings, which he merges with his own style to add a
modern edge.


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