Edge Hosts Azmeer Hossain’s ‘The Beckoning Horizon’

Edge, The Foundation, will be organizing ‘The Beckoning Horizon’ a solo art exhibition by Azmeer Hossain. The exhibition is an enchanting collection of abstract works by the artist. The exhibition will be inaugurated on Saturday, 18 JUNE, at Edge Gallery.

Essentially abstract, the series of Horizon and Mindscape paintings are quite unique. With tantalizing splashes of realism, this mix ingeniously and almost instantly gets one into that zone of discomfort. One begin to see fragments of reality juxtaposed with, and even folded into, visions of the past and the future – and yes, alluring and beckoning portals too. The Memory series is more abstract despite the painter resorting to suggestively familiar shapes. They conjure up a surreal, Daliesque universe without the obvious motifs – quite a feat considering his persistence with geometric elements. The pieces persistently pull viewer inwards, as if into a journey through time, in some cases even back to cosmic origins. The journey that await one is that of his/her collective memory, of ancestral longings, to and from the Promised Land.

The Monsoon series are watercolors that one think they are familiar with, until they get close – only to find themselves physically present in the near hyper-real landscape, with details that they simply have not seen in any watercolor techniques anywhere in the past. With an unwavering devotion to this exactingly detailed style, Azmeer takes months and sometimes even years, from starting out on a piece, repeatedly returning only to inch towards the finish. So gentle and humble in nature that it belies his steely steadfastness within – another master in the making. The exhibition will be open to all till 6 July.

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