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Bohemian Reflection of Living

Shining in the raw energetic bohemian light, the lively home of a young couple in Dhanmondi pulls off a contemporary look that shelters pieces of memories and persona. Studio Roudh put together the intimate cosy residence for Naceif Rahman and Proma Paboni, with their constant involvement and input so that they can own their space by heart. The residents wanted to refurbish the apartment after moving in with a touch of their personality so that their home becomes an abstract reflection of themselves.

Covering an area of 2100sft, the project took about five and a half months amidst the pandemic situation and was completed in December in 2020, with a new Bohemian outlook to welcome the young couple in their nest. The architects and the residents agreed on a similar concept of this private space to have a simple and minimalist approach to bring out the vibrant vibe that appreciates the laughter-filled ‘adda’ and the comfortable space for friends and family.

The apartment’s old look was completely demolished and was transformed with continuous on-site change according to need and choice to unveil the desired appearance.

The foyer, adorned in texture and splash of colour, gives a glimpse of the overall ambience upon entrance, continuing to the teal accented living room that has a mixture of Scandinavian and Bohemian decor with a formal setup for all guests to have a comfortable zone while simultaneously staying true to the personality of the residents. The interconnecting dining space is painted blue, a colour of the wide-open sky, to portray the calm fluidity that binds and flows through the whole space. On the other hand, the family living is the happy place, showcasing a lively yellow wall, decorated with souvenirs from friends and family along with a raised platform where one can ease in an informal set-up, spending time amidst stories and memories. The private space of the bedroom and walk-in closet with a full-length mirror is designed for the couple to have maximum comfort. The overall warm lighting tone facilitated in completing the cosy ambience, simultaneously helping in highlighting the niches and textured surfaces. The architects curated almost all the furniture, except the dining set from ISHO, customizing them locally with design apt for the outcome.

The detailed textures and patterns used in surfaces of walls, cabinets, and even cushions are designed and derived from the bohemian style to tie the space in a single language.

Despite the time constraints along with the covid situation and the constant change, Studio Roudh diligently composed a well-thought interior with the fine final touch that turns a house into a home.

Architect Profile

Architect Utsha Zaman, Architect Fauzia Sultan Mahbub, and Architect Muhammad Bin Monsur formed ‘Studio Roudh’ together right after graduating from BUET in 2016. Initially, they named their company ‘Roudh Architects’, but later changed the name to ‘Studio Roudh’ as they love to conduct various kinds of art-related works, not only being confined to practising mainstream architecture. For instance, they love making miniature art from found objects, they love to experiment with construction materials and make everyday objects from them. The team also indulges in photography and film-making. Their dream is to make a team of like-minded people who would create art and architecture simultaneously and experience more of the vast field.

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