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Upon entering the prodigious residence, one is definitely in for a treat. The opulent residence of the Managing Director of Amin Mohammad Foundation Ltd., Mr. Nihad Haque, took birth from a perceptive collaboration between the owner himself and Dcon Design Studio. Adorned in neoclassical style, the interior of the residence radiates a ‘larger than life’ vibe, absorbing one to take in meticulous details of the home.

The interior of the lavish abode was completed in 2019, which took about 9 months time to be assembled. It covers area of about 7000 sqft., which has been adorned in neoclassical style. Neoclassical style is marked by its elegance and timelessness. It is more modest compared to some of the more opulent aesthetics of classic style. Nonetheless, there is an era-transcending luxury built into neoclassical.

Upon entering the premises, be greeted by a grand foyer, which forecasts the stretching theme of the home. The colour scheme is a union of gold and chocolate brown. The warm colours enhance the richness of the heavily curved design of the materials. The geometric foyer table is set in a background of textured wall cladding in gold and brown.

Throughout the residence runs warm light to enhance the theme colours of the residence. The colour palette is basically composed of off-white, polished chocolate brown, charcoal, and gold in glimpses. The dining space is composed of long running charcoal marble-top dining table, set with upholstered matching charcoal velvet chairs. The tapered legs of the chairs, and the crystal droplet chandelier, give a modern edge to the classic surrounding.

On one side of the main dining area is the kitchen-diner, attached to it is a traditional kitchen inside.

The kitchen-diner is a more intimate side to a typical dining space, but the volume is chunky and the strongly commands space.

It’s been decorated exquisitely with a string chandelier and leather barstools. While on the other side, is a beautifully curated fireplace area. The marble fireplace is accompanied by a pair of paintings, and patterned mirrors on either side.

The designer states, “It was unlike any other residential project. While starting the design phase, we had known that our client has something different in his mind. He wanted to select furniture, interior materials, artifacts, show-pieces, etc. before starting the design. Hence, we designed the residence by working around the interior products, which we had complete freedom over.”

Moving ahead from the dining area is a casual seating space comprising of a hanging cane swing, a long running half circle leather couch with a coffee table. At the very end of the hallway is the formal living room, which can be kept enclosed with sliding doors, and kept open to elongate the hallway. The living room is a mingling of several textures which makes the room seem luxe. The multilayered ceiling in off-white and brown, with a traditional crystal chandelier makes it classically rich. Furthermore, different texture, pattern and wall cladding on three sides of the room brings uniqueness to the table. While the vein patterned marble-top centre table complements the velvet upholstered crème sofa. Several small decorative pieces have been used in the room to tie the interior together.

One of the primary reasons of the interior being unique is several products were sourced from abroad. The exoticism of the products showed in the theme as each and every furniture, sanitary wares, and artifacts were sourced internationally- Turkey, Italy, Spain, Thailand, and China. While designing, the focus was kept in the details, as a lot went into the wood work of the interior. Details were also a prime factor for the lighting arrangement.

One may notice, chandeliers are the highlight of the house, each being a showstopper in each room.

They were sourced from Turkey.

Apart from a few hitches in the end, all came together perfectly in the designing process. Each space of the residence has a personality of its own, evoking a certain feeling in each area. The abode stands true to the vision of the owner and the designer as well.

Architect Profile

Dcon Design Studio is an architectural and interior design firm that started its journey in 2001 with a young bunch of architects. The firm greatly emphasizes on three factors – client satisfaction, maximum use of space and modernism; while working with complete dedication and passion. Above all, love for the term ‘Design’ acts as the driving force. Dcon usually deals with different types of architectural works and very selective interior works. The firm helps its client to materialize their dreams, their desires.

Dcon also delivers professional consultancy services to public and private organizations along with multinationals and conglomerates. The expertise of Dcon Design Studio has wide experience working in home and abroad and is familiar with advanced technologies that are taking shape around the world. The highly qualified office personnel of the company provide support; care and help to the clientele bearing diversified role players: planners, designers, construction supervisors who believe on the idea to live, to exist, and to move on with adaptability.

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