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Postmodernism in Urban Space

The Rizara Little Heavens, tailored to excellence by Spazio Design Studio, exemplifies aesthetic integrated with functionality. Voguish arrangement, practical utilization of space and simplicity were the key design concepts of the dwelling, comprising of 2200 sqft. The interior decor has followed a postmodern style with vivid colours and theatricality, as well as, textures and materials. While the rebellion of Postmodern style kicks it up a notch, it’s yet balanced by muted modern interior pieces.

The client desired for a decor that reflected her aesthetic sense- appealing, trendy and vibrant. Based on her wishes, Spazio explored various design styles such as contemporary, postmodern, and industrial designs to create a unique concept that was bold, chic, and yet elegant. Spazio worked closely with the client, reviewed several designs and took her feedbacks.

Ultimately, the final design embodied the client’s aesthetic preference, which consisted of deliberate use of texture, and clean lines, showcasing space rather than objects.

The foyer artfully designed with recycled raw finished wood, thick decorative jute rope canopy and soothing artificial foliage leads to the entry door. The tall accent entry door customized with a unique two toned turquoise green colour, compliments the tastefully curated exposed brick wall at the entrance.

The main entrance gives on to the pièce de résistance of the residence, which is a combination of the living, dining and formal living space, each of which may be separated using finely crafted folding glass partition panels, or opened up to a unified wide space.

The play with the floor levels defines and divide the family living from the dining area without having any wall enclosure, which at the same time gives the area a separate yet cohesive open space.

Proper usage of lighting is one of the cornerstones of Spazio’s interior designs, and when properly implemented, it can immensely add to the elegance of any interior. Lighting fixtures, such as chandeliers, Edison pendent lights, ambient lights and floor lights were carefully handpicked to complement the overall design of the apartment. Lights have been incorporated with reflective mirrors or combined with decorative wall panels in the background, accentuating the beauty of the space. Chandeliers have been carefully selected to act as centrepieces in the dining and formal living spaces. Similarly, chic pendant lights placed in front of reflective mirror panels in the master bedroom add depth, illumination and sophistication to it.

No interior space is complete without the appropriate furniture to complement it. Spazio focused on providing a combination of premium custom-made furniture and local/imported furniture, which is seamlessly integrated with the theme of the client’s abode. The style, woodwork and fabrics of all the furniture were meticulously chosen to complement the overall decor of the space. Contrasting fabrics and styles were used in the furniture, but care was taken to harness the power of repetition of styles, colours and textures.

Colour played a pivotal role in the interior designing of the project. Colours, lights, and textures are used throughout the residence to mould the atmosphere of the interior and create harmony in the styling of each space. For instance, the formal living utilizes the fun teal colour for the wooden wall panel, which is gloriously contrasted by the mustard yellow urban sofa. Gold accents have been used on the ceiling of the dining, and also repeated in a gold framed mirror, as well as furniture accents. Furthermore, in the master bedroom stands the accent wall in moss green colour with gold stripes, adhering to the theme.

Some constraints the team faced was with the utility areas, as those were fixated in advance. Hence, very little could be done to change it. More interesting challenge of the project was to create a wall-to-wall cabinet in the family living room in such a way which would camouflage as a functional art piece. Gold multifaceted 3D panels were designed from scratch, and cove lighting was used to create a decorative feature to the wall, but functionally worked as a hideaway cabinet. The feature wall turned out as a unique artistic wall panel which actually is a storage system but completely hidden from the visitor’s eye.

Architect Profile
Spazio Design Studio is a progressive architecture and interior design firm which is focused on creating refined, meaningful and fully customized interior designs for its discerning clientele. The firm is headed by Tashmia Amin and Nadira Ema, two architects having over a decade’s experience in practicing architecture/interior design in renowned local and international companies, with a passion for creating contemporary designs which exude simplicity, elegance and sophistication. For Spazio, each project is like a blank canvas, to be completed as works of art, which will evoke awe, wonder and amazement, while ensuring functionality of the space. As an upcoming premier design studio of Dhaka, Spazio specializes in full-service of premium/luxury interior design, including custom furniture, lighting and unique interior elements. The firm’s project resume includes new residence design, full-fledged interior renovation of residences, as well as experience in designing of boutique cafes, clothing brand showrooms, and commercial spaces. Few of their significant projects include Westecs’ brand showroom, Khawaja Cables’ head office, Dynamic Group’s head office, and SAR Securities LTD. office.

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