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Spatial Grandeur

The concept of the project emerged from modernist influences and narratives that guide new ways of living, inspired by contemporary and minimalist perspectives. The team of Artek tried to play with the modern attributed with vintage thought by carefully choosing all the materials in pale white and nude colour married with a brown scheme, becoming one of the project’s highlights that emphasizes the architectural references and inspirations.

On the entry point, the space was divided with a dramatic consciousness. The grandeur wooden section from head to toe has a thin light, focusing the pathway more effectively and separating the private zone from the formal section of the house. In addition, the selection of marble on the floor also divides the area with the help of different colour and texture beautifully.
The 3050 sqft residence celebrates a myriad of elements, polished and mineral materials, such as natural stone to thematic colour variation. A mixture of brown and white scheme was carefully picked for the project to complement the natural wood polish that covers almost the entire apartment, creating a unique combination of materials and enriching the design.

Three fundamental principles have guided the project, which the architects describe as a gallery apartment. The result is a clean, sensorial, and scenography architecture that focuses on the connection between spaces. The residence also features antique items such as a vintage piece of furniture from the mid-19th century and a modern chandelier on the entry point where the journey starts. The collection and colour in lighting continue at every corner of the house to maintain a similar effect to simplify its overlook in one frame. Poetic contemporary artworks such as metal sculpture beside the corridor and a small wooden sitting space similarly make a comfortable journey toward another section of the house. The project also houses items with sentimental value such an old tree from the client’s family collection and a vintage mirror from the previous home.
In the dining room area integrated to the kitchen, yet another stone slick marble finish table and original leather chairs stand out beautifully. The chandelier on the top was picked out by the owner during trips to the Nordic countries and was used here to add affective memories to this environment, where the owners spend much of their time. Natural stone on both sides of the dining gives the background a rich texture. To support the environment, all the furniture is also in deep wooden polish whereas the grey on the top minimizes the overdoing of the colour selection and focuses to grab the circumference in one frame. To provide a charismatic richness on the top of the dining, a 3d panel work with simple rectangular ceiling was installed that maintains the lighting in a two-row level.

The master bathroom follows the same architectural approach to the whole project, where the floor and walls are covered in white marble. All the fixtures and hardware are sourced from the German brand Art Deco. The cleanliness in the slight white groove on the back of the bed highlights the importance of art as one of the project’s cornerstones. When choosing the bed, the design team didn’t go with any prominent colour rather a pale leather finish to minimize its weight. A wooden mirror on the back end of the room was placed to make the most out of the wall that works as a preparation area beside the huge collection of clothing.
The veranda is also adorned by the architect to make a small touch of the interior by using a wooden covering floor with green on the back- a small remediation of nature.

Company Profile:
‘Artek – one of the emerging architecture consultancy firm is making its place by creating a definite position through interior design since 2011. The dream of the company is ‘to make a space in peoples mind’. Whether in architecture or in interior, its goal is giving a smart and cheerful art of sense in their design evolution. The team of Artek always try to build a new look in every other project so people have different feelings and options to know better and more. The Artek team accomplished many potential big scale projects like Syed Nazrul Islam National Swimming Complex in Mirpur road, Munshiganj Indoor Stadium, Grameen trust office, Peyala Café (Gulshan and Kawran Bazar), Hotel Asia etc.
The team was assigned for the project of Sami residence in July 2020 and completed their work in August 2020.

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