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Text by Sophy Ayman

For the second chapter of this year’s Pocket-Friendly series we have curated an excellent collection of products for the most important room in any home: the bedroom. At a time when so many young individuals are living on their own, offering them options that they can use to design a small bedroom with interesting items that will uplift the look of any home.

  1. Bedside Lamp: no room is complete without a beautiful lamp. Pure Living offers this subtly hued lamp, with a simple lampshade that can act as illumination and as a transitional piece.
  • Dainty Side Table: a dainty three-legged dark chocolate lacquered side table, from Bohu, will add style and class to any room. A small potted plant on a wrought iron planter for a more visually pleasing setup.
  • Dark Desk: Bohu offers a beautiful black lacquered desk, ideal for a single person living on their own.
  • Mirror Mirror: add the very trendy and hip mirrored bedside table for a modern look, courtesy of Pure Living.
  • Smart Ottoman: ottomans are an essential piece to have in the bedroom, especially this padded ottoman, from Bohu, with a wooden top that opens up, so one can use it as storage and as a table of sorts.
  • Ornate Chest: this half chest cupboard, from Homeworks, ideal for a small living space. The ornate door adds subtle drama. The space in the bottom can be used to store other items to save space.
  • Chest of Mirrors: keeping with the trend, this mirrored chest of drawers, from Pure Living, is stylish and functional, boasting five drawers that can hold many items while still looking beautiful.
  • Simply Silver: add a different style of side table for a more bohemian look, with this silver lacquered table from Pure Living.

Smart Bed:  this ingenious bed from Bohu, which can act as a sofa during the day is perfect for individuals living in a small space. This bed-sofa also has a table on the side with two pull out stools which add to the space saving function.

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