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Eclectic Entryway

Planning to decorate an entryway that makes a stunning first impression? Whether it’s a grand house or a tiny apartment with a nook by the door, a home’s entry is the first thing visitors see when they step inside the house and the sight that welcomes everyone. Curate an inviting entryway with these remarkable products.

Sleek Flair

Sleek Flair – A mid-century bench which provides a chic entryway accent with functionality. This yellow upholstered bench with slightly flared legs from Bohu has an attractive modern shape. Price: 16,500 BDT

Accent Mirror

Accent Mirror – Level up your space with this perfectly sculpted round mirror. Leave it as it is with the floating shelf or pair it with a mid-century cabinet, for your entryway. The neatly defined pair is from Bohu. Price: Mirror- 8,800 BDT, Shelf- 3,200 BDT

Mid-Century Credenza

Mid-Century Credenza – The classic mid-century cabinet come console by Bohu comes in a black and brown combination which can look exquisite as a part of an entryway curation. Price: 44,000 BDT

Starburst Radiance

Starburst Radiance – Give your home décor that picturesque accent piece which ties the whole entryway together. The oval starburst mirror in antique gold finish is from Casa Divano. Price: 20,000 BDT

Blooming Tabletop

Blooming Tabletop – Even a formal and modern space can feel inviting with the right floral centerpiece. This gorgeous floral arrangement from Casa Divano is all a console table needs to go from low-key to photo-ready. Price: 8,500 BDT

Entwined Vines

Entwined Vines – Set your entryway console with a pair of these intertwined vine candle stands with stained glass holder. The enchanting accent pair is from Casa Divano. Price: 38,000 BDT

Art Deco Console Table

Art Deco Console Table – A console come cabinet of art deco style from Renaissance Décor reflects the jazz age with its gleaming geometric gold stripes. Price: Price on request

Victorian Bench

Victorian Bench – Antique brass legged bench with grape vine printed upholstery from Renaissance Décor could be a great piece for a traditional set up at an entryway. Price on request

Bumble Bee Console Table

Bumble Bee Console Table – A console table with a honeycomb patterned body makes for a modern and chic entryway piece. The exquisite table is from Renaissance Décor. Price on request

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