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Golden Grace

Classic Crystal Lamp-

Classic Crystal Lamp

Be it edgy, the crystal prism lamp by Satori holds a certain softness to its vintage style. The crystals cascade over the light and the illumination reflects beautifully, while the crystals effortlessly layer below the metal gold drops. Price: BDT 13,750

Tiffany Style Lamp-

Tiffany Style Lamp

The archaic stained-glass butterfly lamp from Keepsake is as much a work of art as it is a practical light source, promised to complement a timeless interior. Price: BDT 16,880

Velvety Vintage Lamp-

Velvety Vintage Lamp

Bring some elegance and sophistication to your home with this lamp consisting of Emerald green velvet shade. Complementing the lamp shade is the scalloped fan design at the bottom, making it an ideal vintage décor lamp by Penthouse Livings. Price on request

Ornamental Mirror-

Ornamental Mirror

The oval framed baroque mirror from Satori is surrounded by golden ornamental adornments, giving the piece an antique look. From Contemporary to Art Deco; from Transitional to a Traditional look, and everything in between, this piece will fit right into your decor. Price: BDT 23,150

Mighty Statuette-

Mighty Statuette

The glossy gold statuette makes for a great throwback to the Greek mythology. One can regard it as the Trojan prince, Paris, or see it as Teucer, a great archer of the Greek force. Either way, it can be a great collector’s item-cum-décor piece by Fully Furnished. Price: BDT 8,000

Mid-Century Modern-

Mid-Century Modern

With vertical channel tufting and tapering wooden legs, the velvet Yellow-gold Sugar Sofa from Bohu delivers a pop of mid-century modern appeal. Price: BDT 38,500

Accent Candle Stand-

Accent Candle Stand

Amalgamated by different shapes: the golden pipe emerging from the cylindrical marble holder and connecting to a disc plate, the fine candle stand by Casa Divano can be a centre piece to a table. Price: BDT 18,500

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