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Monochromatic Metallics

Written by Tasmiah Chowdhury

shopfocus 42issue 5-min

⦁ Starry night

Décor your vanity or frame a console table display with this Noir Home metal centerpiece. This stylish metallic piece with eye-catching lighting is just perfect to light-up any night.

shopfocus 42issue 6-min

⦁ Sculptor Book

The rustic metallic sculptor book is the ultimate elegant centerpiece for your living room. You can get this from Riviera Décor collection which is guaranteed to bring just the right touch of grace to your home.

shopfocus 42issue 7-min

⦁ Lantern Supreme

The classic pocket lantern is a fresh interpretation from Satori collection. It features golden metallic accent and clear glass, finely crafted for everlasting beauty.

shopfocus 42issue 2-min

⦁ Sleek Metallic Lamp

A lovely bit of classic design, this sleek metallic lamp from Bister provides directable lighting for any side table or desk.

shopfocus 42issue 1-min

⦁ Classy Antique

This metal accentuated telephone is presented on a wooden base is timelessly elegant and built to last. You can collect this antique beauty from the collection of Bister.

shopfocus 42issue 4-min

⦁ The Fiery Figurine

This sculptor figurine will be the perfect addition to your home décor and complement any of your existing furniture. You can collect this décor from Home Pro Collection.

shopfocus 42issue 3-min

⦁ The Hearty Crane

The restful crane sculptor in its bronze hues is a perfect asset for the nature lover. You can collect this majestic beauty from Home Pro.

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