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Text by Tasmiah Chowdhury

The newly opened Persona salon at the heart of the capital, Banani, offers an inviting experience that detaches the customer from the hustle and bustle of everyday life. Meticulously designed by 4 Walls inside outside, the new branch upholds the elegance and refinement in its interior; appreciating and alleviating, femininity, and feminism.

Persona was the first salon design that had been handed to the design team. For better understanding and precision, the team sat with the client and the operational expertise for a thorough discussion on how a salon operates; the sections and the needs of each, and the functional and economic requirements. Once the functional aspects were sought, the team began doing the functional zoning. But, one aspect was clear from the beginning, and that was the concept or theme behind the project. The theme: celebrating femininity. “Persona symbolizes femininity. Thus, ‘celebrating femininity’ became the concept that animated the entire design process. We wanted to input curves or organic forms, the softness, the malleability in our design through forms, colour, and texture, to signify femininity”, expresses Ahmed Imtiaz Khan, principal architect of 4 Walls inside outside.

All the furniture pieces, apart from the operational chairs and beds, are designed on-site spot, following ergonomics and inspired by organic forms.

A pink and beige colour scheme is chosen that enhances the elegance of the space.

This specific pink has been a hit which is now popularly termed ‘persona pink’ in the market. Taking cues from the natural curvy shape, all the walls of the salon are curved, and even mirrors and the décor items are organic in shape. Interestingly, the air-conditioner installed is circular.

“We wanted to break away from the mundane and conventional design. The layout gives an international look and feel. But, besides the aesthetic beauty, the design layout focuses on the functional needs that ease customers and stylists, and staff collaboration. Such as the automatic air-freshener device installed to purify the air. The right intensity of light which is very essential for salon work is maintained with task lights that have the proper lux and lumens; comforting to the eyes”, shares Shaon Tanvir, Business Development Director of Persona.

Upon entering, from the reception desks, the salon assistants designated for each specific section, assist customers with their comprehensive needs. Each reception desk seamlessly emerges from the walls and shapes into curvature form. Leading ahead is the large Hair-Cutting section and beside allocated separately is the Colouring section. Moving to the right is the Shampooing/Washing section; beautifully screened by long mirrors. Leading further is the spacious Medicare/Pedicure section and the most awaited Bridal Makeover section. The Bridal Makeover section is more spacious as it requires more stylists for the detailed adornment of a bride for her big day. The organic ceiling strip light, adding much glam to the salon, eventually acts in guiding the circulation route. At the end of the salon, is the Wellness section that gives the feeling of a private cozy space. The dim lights of the Wellness area create a mysterious aurora of delightful aesthetics.

“We felt like the previous outlet had some limitations which were preventing us from offering the best possible service to our clients. We are hopeful that with the new outlet, which features some of the most cutting-edge facilities, we will be able to satisfy our customers. It is, indeed, a gateway place to take time off and redefine the grace and charm one beholds,” states Kaniz Almas Khan, owner of Persona.

The project underwent some constraints and challenges in the making process; the Covid pandemic had been the major one, apart from the fixed deadline and the last-minute modifications. But, the spontaneous collaboration between the client and design team made it possible to deliver an unconventional and meaningful project, for the Banani outlet, and the team hopes to adhere to the ultimate design ideologies for the upcoming outlets of Persona.

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