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Embracing Folk Culture

Text by Archvista Documentation Team

The new promising store QRIUS in Mirpur by the mother brand Dekko Legacy Group (DLG), is a carefully planned out retail store designed by ARCHVISTA. The outlet explores the fusion concept of global culture with a desi mix, inspired by avant-garde fusion-based lifestyle. With the usage of multiple texture and layouts, the store presents a unique atmosphere to its shoppers. 

QRIUS is a perfect example of the concept of regional modernism, which is, staying true to the roots, while incorporating international design.

Primarily, the design of the store is a play of textures, which creates a kaleidoscopic effect from the entrance to the inside of the store.

To begin with, the store is situated in a busy commercial area of Mirpur, sector-2. The store needed to standout amid many other prominent stores. Hence, a unique façade has been put as the frontal display of the store. The façade is draped in the pattern of Jamdani work; foreshadowing the theme inside the store.

At the entryway, one is welcomed by abstract arts in Bengali theme. The existing monolithic 8 feet wide internal staircase in the outlet acted as the integral significant element of the interior design. Efforts were made to bring its raw beauty to a maximum. The staircase enabled some playfulness with mirrors and floating shelves which display different accessories. The designer has incorporated the usage of mirrors in many places of the store as well which surely gives a notion of larger space and openness, as well as reflects the layout across it, making it seem more decorated. 

The entrance and exit of the store were given special attention to, not for the purpose of security alone, but to make it more cohesive by situating the core of the building right in the middle of both the entry and exit point. The layout was intentionally designed this way so as to not have a separate distinctive circulation path, rather making the core a part of the QRIUS outlet. 

The whole outlet is sectioned in small displays that have its own layout, one varying from another. The active interaction of patterns, mirrors, textures and colours cause this interplay in textured vertical surfaces, lightings and shadow, which results in the formation of a backdrop for showcasing and complimenting the products. For instance, the section displaying children’s clothing has a uniquely creative background of mesh flowers on a sheet of metal net. The monotone background further enhances the brightness of the dresses. 

Furthermore, a dotted ceiling panelling runs along with the store. Handcrafted birds imitating Jamdani pattern are suspended from the patterned ceiling, running in varied colours throughout the store. The play of patterns and the hanging handicrafts give the impression of the continuation of the Jamdani design in the front façade, onto the dropped ceilings of the interior, all the way down to the cash counter. 

Several techniques have been implemented to focus better on the products; starting from the use of wall and ceiling patterns to sectioned layouts to even varied flooring patterns, all in harmony yet diversified.

Like any retail business, Visual Merchandizing (VM) and branding were two key elements for the retail outlet. Consequently, an illuminating exclusive display was installed perpendicular to the entry point to make it more vibrant and welcoming. The outlet successfully brings together a blend of contemporary and regional architecture in the realm of retail interior in Bangladesh.

Architecture Profile

ARCHVISTA is best known for its attention to details. The principal Architect is Md. Mamun Ar Rashid, and his team members are Zakia Sultana Nira, Tasnia Tabassum and Mehedi Zaman. They have gained a reputation for design excellence with a full range of planning, interior design, project management and product supply services. For more than eight consecutive years, the company has been named as one of the most reputed interior designing, development and fit-out firms in Bangladesh. Their understanding of consumer trends and expectations, coupled with highly innovative style and functional planning has produced a wide variety of corporate, retail and commercial environments. ARCHVISTA fuses creative experimentation with technical knowledge to come up with innovative yet practical solutions.

Photography by Maruf Raihan

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