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Luxury in Bathware

Text by Tamrin Afroz

A Switzerland luxury sanitaryware brand, Swish has introduced a new experience centre at their flagship store Banani. Bringing the world-class experience to the people of Bangladesh, Swish wants customers to experience extravagance even in their kitchen and bathing area.

Swish is sourcing all its products from Australia, Brazil, Spain, and Switzerland. Later, each and every product is assembled in China. Swish aims to set an example with its brand value to a level in the sanitaryware industry where people can blindly put their trust. Dhaka lacks a global standard sanitaryware experience centre, which inspired Swish to launch an experience centre to give their clients a true sense and in-depth review of the products. Swish is offering one-stop solution under a single brand name.

A display zone of 2600 sqft was set up with lavishing interior, where a customer can freely move and check out the products. The experience centre was designed so that when a client enters the space, they can see the whole showroom at a glance and comfortably see the products without any obstacles in between. In a regular showroom, the products displayed are usually overcrowded as the brand wants to show as much as possible, but in that manner, the clients lose their interest in the products. Swish wants to come out from that notion and instead went with a sensual spacing, where the client can stand at one corner and see through another end. As Swish is a luxury brand from Europe, they wanted the shop’s interior to reflect that 21st-century European indulgence. Iar. Shumon Chowdhury from Sara Interior was commissioned to design the interior for the Swish experience centre. After analysing the brand value and the showroom needs, he chose the modern interior style with some Scandinavian influences.

The concept for the interior was to have a vast space so that when a client enters the showroom, they can feel their presence in a large-scale space.

In addition to that, wide spacing between the products will give the client a premium feel as well as they will also enjoy the area while checking out the products in detail. The reason behind the openness in the showroom is that they don’t want the customers to get any hindrances and have smooth circulation for reviewing the products. There is also a seating zone for the clients to enjoy spending some time in the showroom while enjoying the displayed product.

The grey colour scheme has been used for the shop’s interior as most of the products are white. The grey floor tiles and grey display platform of marble complement the products. A green pop of colour has been incorporated with indoor plants, placed here and there to break the monotony of the grey scheme. Two types of laminate have been used for better colour composition. The viewing platforms have been raised a bit from floor level to differentiate the display zone and the circulation path. A sufficient amount of lighting is provided for the displayed area which has been spotted at the products. The material used for the interior design was both locally sourced and imported. Most of the products have been arranged side by side in a very straightforward manner. Few signature products with more detailed work with European influence have been displayed on a single platform to illustrate the lavishness of the products.

While working on this project, the interior designer team faced many challenges like time constraints and material sourcing during the lockdown. But the team took the challenges and ended up with a spectacularly done experience centre for its client. From the architect’s perspective, with newly available materials in the market, the experience centre can be upgraded with those materials in the future, which will help Swish to attract more customers. Swish has a remarkable response with the stunning interior of their experience centre as clients can enjoy the products in an elegant space with comfort and ease.

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