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Porcelaina Banani 11: Minimalistic & Mindful

Text by Kaniz Fatema

The newest Banani 11 branch of Porcelina is adorned with all the elegant colours from a colour palette that is chic and soothing to the eyes. The minimalistic interior of the outlet complements its products and furniture in a visually pleasing way.

Porcelaina is a millennial brainchild, so the concept of this brand is mostly pop culture references. However, some designs are based on abstract emotions and modern art narratives. Porcelaina’s shape and colours are inherited from diverse sources like nature, movies, cartoons, games, songs, and internet memes. If it’s a trend, Porcelaina is the first to deliver. Porcelaina brings products with such diversity that it catches attention from every direction. From a skateboarding teen to a storytelling grandpa-everyone is a potential admirer.

Banani 11 was chosen as a new location because it is one of those places where people appreciate modern art. Another critical reason embeds the continuous plea at Porcelaina hub from the mass crowd of that area. Another reason Porcelaina chooses Banani 11 is that it is the centre of Banani Model town, which is on the northside of the map, having Mohakhali DOHS on the east. The roadways are open from all sides from where the shop is situated. So, it would be easy to reach the display point from all corners.

The Director of Porcelaina, Salman Morshed Akash is the man behind this dynamic concept. Being well-travelled and gathering experiences from many cultures and societies, he has a profound understanding of modern needs, which he carefully applied while designing the store.

The most conspicuous feature of the store is its vivid colour and nature-inspired theme.

The spellbinding designs of this display center are inspired by different stone patterns and the colours from flowers. Porcelaina unleashed an enormous colour palette range for the Banani project. The colour ideas have wide variables from light marine blue to deep lava red. On top of that, the sensible track lightings over the shelves are like icing on the cake. Porcelaina unleashed an enormous colour palette range for the Banani project. Anika Tabassum, an ingenious architect from Arch Palette designed the outlets to withstand a crowded atmosphere while providing a 360-degree view of the shop. Since the elevation of the shelves is symmetrical, it creates a fantastic visual interest. These display centers are highly effective for mass gatherings and can handle over 15 shoppers at a time.

Porcelaina always listens to their customers from their feedback and reviews by taking that into conscience. The source of this project originated from its consumer’s hype and list of expectations. Real-life scenarios and social innuendos are also a big part of the Banani 11 project. Porcelaina vouches to be the epitome of modern ceramic tableware with vibrant product selection at the most suitable prices.

The responses of customers regarding this particular store are encouraging. “People have never seen such mesmerizing colours and design on porcelain before”, says Kamruzzaman Emon, the man who is responsible for the brand nourishment. 

However, Porcelaina has a road map for the entire project. After the Banani 11 branch, the brand has expansions plans of inaugurating other showrooms in Uttara, Mohammadpur, Wari and many more areas. 

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