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An Exotic Getaway

The peaceful staycation, Palmyra Resort, away from the hustle-bustle of city life is situated at a quiet spot in Savar. The resort makes for a serene and warm spot for getaways with family or friends, to reconnect with your loved ones. The landscaping amalgamated with the bamboo house creates a nature-oriented scenario to soak in.  

Palmyra resort is essentially a private property, but the vacation house is open for rentals on small scale, and under certain guidelines, for others to enjoy as well. Such a secluded spot is an ideal destination for a quick vacation with a small community, in the time of the pandemic. Owned by the power couple, A K M Fazlur Rahman and Shayma Binta Ellas, the property reflects their vision. They have taken precautionary measures to secure the place from Covid-19 by spraying the floor-to-ceiling windows with powerful and lasting disinfectant.

The eco-friendly resort gracefully merges amid the lush landscape. The greenery and country life of Savar oozes reflects on the vacation home, making it a peaceful getaway from the hectic city life. Such contrast of environment is often needed, more so during the stressful time of pandemic to find some clarity. Moreover,

the owners put an effort to keep the landscape intact, which took years to reach the final state of maturity.

So much so that, they specifically asked the architects to carve the building in a way so as to not chop off the palm tree which is of sentimental value to the owners. The home was designed by head architects, Mahadee Hasan and Tamzid Zaber, along with their team of the architectural firm D. Dimensions Studio.

The vacation home is child friendly and a remarkable place to relax with friends as well.

A K M Fazlur Rahman, Shayma Binta Ellas

There is a treehouse which the owners had it made for their children, and a swimming pool to relax in. Besides the treehouse, children have more to look forward to, such as the playground. The playground consists of a swing set, slide and seesaw. Across the playground is a verandah where there is a rattan swing, which both adults and children can enjoy. As for other outdoor activities, there is a BBQ station beside the swimming pool, where the division is created by a soothing waterfall stream flowing from a pebbled frame. 

The exterior of the building has a very mid-century modern vibe but in an eco-friendly style. The bamboo wall has also been incorporated in the interior as well, where bamboo furniture, rattan furniture and rattan wall cladding has been implemented. The owners wanted to keep the design of the vacation home as natural as possible, without making it look too concrete-like. The vacation home roughly accommodates 20-25 people, with a bedroom of two. To avoid predicaments, there are certain guidelines the owners had laid out.   Fazlur and Shayma don’t plan on over-commercializing the resort; rather share the goodness of it with others. As for future plans they intend to upgrade the resort, such as extend the back of the building with more room, introducing a kid-friendly pool, and a lot more.

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