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Light Glimmering Through Foliage – Kakon Courtyard

Taking a sip of the welcome drink, stroll along the lush foliage and take in all that the place has to offer. Kakon Courtyard, a quick getaway spot in Purbachal, within Dhaka, yet takes one instantly to the countryside. Rich in greenery, swaying waterbody at the brink, the place is the epitome of tranquility. As Ms. Mahbub came to quote, “the place is a traveler’s poetry”.

The origin of Kakon Courtyard is as beautiful as the place- Mr. Mahbub Rahman envisioning the potential beauty of the place, bought the land for his wife. Together, they built a place of their dreams and brought their vision to life. Kakon Courtyard is a family-owned vacation house, which is a private property of the family for getaways. However, it’s recently that the family has opened the gates to guests as well, for day long recreation.

Mr. Mahbub spoke passionately about the place as he was going through the details of its beauty and more, which the place has to offer. The vacation home that they have built has been executed by the Principal Architect, Manzurul Huq of Zcube firm. The garden was curated prior to the building so that by the time the building was completed, the plants would be mature enough to complement the building. Hence the vacation house was built around the plantation.

The dose of serenity Kakon Courtyard offers from the daily hectic life is a precious experience. It’s an ideal setup to find time to reconnect with friends and family. It is a vast area of land, a part of which is surrounded by waterbody. Mr. Mahbub and his wife had thoughtfully curated the garden of the property which shows in its variety and beauty.

In small bits, the place holds many elements that would make one stop and admire it.

There’s a small poultry farm near the entry gate, which consists of few exotic birds, some rabbits and turkeys. It’s sure to be the hub of entertainment for children. Moreover, there’s a small garden pond, a patch of sandy area with hanging bed swings, bamboo huts to relax, a recycled hammock made out of clothing tags, a wooden boat to take a joy ride, and so much more awaits the visitors.

Daughter of Mr. Mahbub and managing director of Kakon Courtyard, Tasnim Mahbub, said, “ It is a collection of all the beautiful things my parents have seen around the world. Bits and pieces of their experiences that they have brought back with them; whether it was a unique lamp shade from a foreign local market or their memory of how a particular plant was styled. They have condensed their travelling experiences into the property.

They are both nature lovers. Their taste and style reflects all over the property.”

Tasnim Mahbub & Abdul Hamid Mehdi

Kakon Courtyard has a buffet arrangement in Bengali cuisine for lunch. The food is always freshly prepared on the daily, and served hot upon arrival in a concrete & bamboo hut facing the waterbody. The colour palette of the place has been kept fairly neutral, consisting of beige, ochre, white, mustard, and green, to achieve a rustic, light & airy look.

Kakon Courtyard is the Shangri-La to the family. The greenery and serenity of the place is what truly appeals to people. They get immersed in nature, hear the birds chirping and find the whole experience fascinating. As for future plans, they want to make accommodation for corporate meetings, start vegetable farming which can be picked by the visitors, introduce more village elements like plough, and more to come with time.

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