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Architect Asif M Ahsanul Haq

  1. What is your opinion about the architecture scene of Bangladesh right now?

Our motherland, Bangladesh is one of the most densely populated countries on Earth. It has just recently fulfilled the eligibility requirements to graduate from ‘Least Developed Country’ to ‘Developing’ country status. Though we are going through a transitional phase of development, Bangladesh still faces lot of challenges and bureaucratic difficulties. Development activities have largely been centralized and uneven throughout the country. Hence, Dhaka has been the epicenter of Architectural professions since our independence. The cultural heritage and architecture of Bengal is very rich because the history of the country goes back to thousands of years.  As a result, a very distinct and unique architectural style prevails throughout the country. Despite a number of constraints, architects are doing pretty well. They are striving to do something better which is constantly improving the overall scenario. The consciousness of context is becoming mainstream, which is in my opinion, a good sign.

  1. What according to you is the future of architecture in Bangladesh?

We have a strong history of architecture of Bengal. Our architects are working relentlessly to retain that image. The architecture of Bangladesh has already acclaimed a strong presence in international arena. Hope our architecture will truly represent our society in a broader way.


  1. A piece of advice for young architects who want to build a career in architecture

Understanding the context is a major issue and we should emphasize on what the site, climate and locality demand. At the same time, we will think globally. We need to be more sincere and think positively and should work for the betterment of the society. In addition to that, we must respect and follow the rules set by the authority.

  1. A quote that you swear by

“Architecture is where our responsibility should go beyond the profession and contribution should exceed the contract. Social responsibility and feeling should never be compromised.”

About Architect

Architect Asif M. Ahsanul Haque is the Managing Partner of Venna Architects in Dhaka. Within a short period, he has been involved in projects of multinational organizations, govt. organizations, banks, real estate developers, NGO’s, industries etc. Ar. Asif recently received a mention in multifamily residential building category in the ARCASIA Awards for Architecture 2018.


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