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Soothing Sanctum

In the heart of Gulshan, a haven of beauty and tranquility emerged under the expertise of the beautiful Naureen Hassan, the owner of Studio Salon This avant-garde beauty salon, spanning approximately 2000 square feet with a service area of 1500 square feet, is not just a space for grooming but a testament to meticulous design and efficient execution.

Within the swift rhythm of construction, the salon metamorphosed into reality, reaching its zenith on June 10, 2023. What sets this project apart is not only its swift completion in just over a month but also the myriad of custom-made elements that posed a challenge to implement without compromising quality and finesse.

The overarching theme of the salon was to create a minimalistic Zen space, seamlessly blending natural elements with calming color tones.

Divided into four distinct zones, each catering to specific beauty rituals, the salon unfolds its allure zone by zone.

Firstly, the Hair Zone beckons with a cutting area exuding sophistication and a washing zone offering relaxation. Neutral tones of beige dominate, creating an ambiance that complements the sleek, custom-designed elements.

Transitioning to the Nails Zone, where creativity takes center stage, manicure, pedicure, and nail art stations offer a canvas for artistic expression. The palette remains consistent—neutral tones with subtle black accents, a testament to Studio Salon’s commitment to a harmonious aesthetic.

The Facial Room and Private Consultation/Aesthetic Room form a cocoon of tranquility. Here, the neutral tones continue to weave their magic, fostering an atmosphere conducive to beauty consultations and personalized treatments.

The Massage Zone, the epitome of relaxation, is adorned with carefully chosen materials and lighting. The interplay of daylight Kelvin in task areas warm spot and diffused lighting in common areas create an ambiance that transcends mere functionality.

A distinctive feature of STUDIO.O’s design philosophy, the architectural firm is its emphasis on lighting. The salon boasts a plethora of lighting options and a careful orchestration of functionality and ambiance. Glass-sandwiched rattan panels add a touch of sophistication, while locally sourced materials infuse authenticity into the design.

The holistic approach to design is evident in the meticulous selection of materials and the incorporation of various light sources. The display, illuminated with finesse, showcases the seamless integration of functionality and aesthetics. A true testament to STUDIO.O’s commitment to creating spaces that resonate with the soul.

This project marks STUDIO.O’s sixth venture in the realm of salon design and implementation. The cumulative experience has honed the team’s skills, enabling them to navigate the complexities of executing multifaceted designs seamlessly. The collaboration between the architect and the client, and was not just a professional engagement but a symbiotic partnership.

The success of this project is attributed to the cohesive teamwork that permeated every stage, from conceptualization to realization.

In the words of STUDIO.O, this was an endeavor to create an experience, not just a space—an ambition that has undeniably been fulfilled. As the doors of this Gulshan beauty salon open to the world, they unveil more than just a place of beauty and grooming. They reveal a testament to the seamless fusion of design.

In the dance of light and the subtlety of neutral tones, it’s not just a salon but an immersive journey into elegance and tranquility.

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